Are YOU Going Where the Money Is on the Web

Do you understand your own web business well enough to know (and go) where the money is?

Willie Sutton was a notorious bank robber of 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s America. He was famous for the fact that even though he would inevitably get caught (then escape), he kept on robbing banks over and over again.

At the end of his long career as a thief, he was asked why he kept robbing banks even though somewhere, somehow he was sure to get caught again. His answer was:

“Because that’s where the money is.”

We can learn from Willie. Yes, he was morally wrong, but he certainly understood his chosen profession.

The question is, ‘Do you understand your own Web business well enough to know (and go) where the money is?’

If you’ve been online for awhile you don’t have to look very far. Top marketers like Ted Nicholas and Jay Abraham have proven that it’s at least 5 times easier to sell again to your existing customers than it is to prospect, identify and capture a new customer.

So ‘where the money is’ is in your own database. Simply contact your past customers and ask them to buy something else. If you gave them real value and excellent service in the first place, why wouldn’t they want to buy from you again?

If you continue to offer high-value products and the service your clients expect, then THEY are your ‘bank’. Which brings us back to Willie Sutton and the second lesson he teaches us.

You see, when Willie was first starting out on his bank robbing career, he was terrible at it. People could see him coming from a mile away. Whistles would blow before he could even get started, and he’d be forced to run away to ‘rob again another day’.

But Willie didn’t give up. No, he was dedicated to become the best bank robber that he could be. After some painful self-examination he realized that in order to succeed, he would simply have to blend in. So he did something clever:

He disguised himself as a bank guard, and his reign of successful robberies began. Over the years his many disguises made him notorious, and he became known as as ‘The Actor’.

Which is exactly what you need to be – the favorite actor for your target audience.

You can do this through the words, thoughts, and feelings you use in your Web marketing copy. The single most important message you can convey to your target market is that you ‘feel their pain,’ and you have the best solution for their problem.

This is how you can sell almost anything, regardless of whether you have personally experienced the product or service. Naturally you will (always) be better at selling if you believe in what you offer. But of greater importance is understanding what your customers want, and why THEY feel they need it.

So disguise yourself as your customer. Walk in their shoes for awhile and feel their pain. This is the right way to craft your Web marketing message because it reveals the benefits your customers most want to hear.

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