66 Mobile Business Ideas

Browse our business on wheels ideas below! Get your business rolling.

Mobile business ideas drive profits! 

My marketing clients have recently launched mobile businesses to great success. Starting your business on wheels can be a smart move – saving you money on rent and employees.

Plus, mobile businesses have location flexibility. They go where their customers are and can drive to multiple locations within a day –  for maximum sales opportunities.

Or perhaps you are considering a mobile service where YOU travel to your client’s location such as a tutor, computer repair specialist or hairstylist. Good idea!  

Best Mobile Business Ideas to Startup

#1 – Barbershop

Old-fashioned barbershops have hipster appeal for their vintage style and this is an excellent choice for a mobile startup. Marketing promotions can include parking in office complexes for lunchtime cuts and also being on-site for weddings and other special events. Check out this retro mobile barbershop in Australia.  

#2 – Vintage clothing store

Because of the high cost of rent, and the specialized demand for vintage clothing a mobile shop could be very profitable and fun.

This company, New York’s 1st, and the only mobile vintage shop have a schedule of locations and hours posted on their website so that customers can find them easily.

#3 – Nail manicure truck

Mobile salons have become a huge trend in California. These luxurious and pretty vehicles go directly to the customer for on the go manicures.

This former accountant got the idea for her French-inspired nail truck while ordering her lunch from the food truck. Now her bright pink airstream trailer advertises her services in San Francisco and San Jose, California.

Nail Salon Resources

Get ideas for your nail salon from my big list of nail salon names.  
Once you have a name read more about Starting a nail salon.

#3 – Moving service for local and office moves

Headquartering your moving business in the truck is a brilliant concept since you already have the truck and are using it for your services.

Since you have no need for an office, nor an expensive downtown storefront you can invest more heavily in advertising and marketing to increase your customer base. 

#4 – Mobile billboard business

Local businesses love to hire mobile billboard trucks because of the advantages over stationary billboards, such as the ability to change locations and eye-catching electronic animated ads in full color. 

#5 – Personal Fitness Training and Mobile Gyms

This business opportunity could focus on children’s active play, such as the GIT Fit Mobile or the time-pressed business executive and even boxing enthusiasts. You are only limited by your imagination. 

#6 – Bookstore

Even with giant online competition such as Amazon and e-books, the independent bookstore continues to be an important community asset. Your mobile book truck can be driven to community events, farmers markets, and begin to sell your books.

This successful mobile bookstore in Los Angeles was created after two writers were inspired by the culture of food trucks.

#7 – Coffee shop

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of opening up a charming coffee shop but could not find the right location nor the substantial funding required. Opening a mobile could be the perfect solution for you that is both lower cost and location independent.

You don’t even have to have a truck, some profitable coffee businesses operate out of carts and bikes at festivals and outdoor venues. Another revenue source could be conferences, trade shows, farmers markets, and other indoor events. 

#8 – Bike Repair Service

As more people use bicycles for the main form of transportation. The demand for repairs, tune-ups, tire changes, and accessory installations is growing.

Your customers will appreciate your mobile bike services because they do not have to transport their bicycle to your shop. Additionally, you could offer bike restoration and vintage bike collector services. Check out this successful mobile bike service in Memphis, TN. 

#9 – Local App development

In this era of technology, all businesses want to extend their presence digitally. Becoming a local app development company to provide digital solutions is one of the greatest mobile business ideas. The best example is RodeoApps. It is an app development company in Los Angeles offering digital solutions like custom software development, mobile app development, and web app development. 

#10 – Buy and Sell Used Craigslist Items

You can make a full-time living by buying and reselling items listed on Craigslist – called flipping. Most successful mobile flippers focus on a particular category to get familiar with the items and be able to know pricing and deals well.

Read how this entrepreneur earns a full salary on craigslist.

#11 – Mobile Ride Share Driver

Certainly, you have heard about the major player in the rideshare market – Uber and Lyft. But did you know that ride share drivers keep 75-85% of the fare cost.

You can drive for Uber to make extra money as a side gig or as a full-time living.  Learn how to be mobile and make money driving from the Ride Share Guy.com

#12 – Mobile Pet Grooming

If you love animals, consider starting a mobile pet groomer service on wheels. Outfit your van with pet grooming equipment and drive to your customer’s location to groom their pets.  Your best customers will be busy moms, working professionals and owners of shy, easily scared animals.

Dog Grooming Resources

Check out a list of good dog grooming name ideas for naming inspiration.

#13 – Specialty Food Truck

Food trucks are a profitable and less expensive way to launch your restaurant, on wheels! The most successful food trucks carve out a special niche for themselves. Focus on a particular ethnic cuisine (Mexican, Italian or Japanese) or a type of food (healthy or seafood).

A great name is super important to brand your food truck and get customers lining up. Check out my big list of food truck name ideas here.

Bakery Business Resources

#14 – Organizer Consultant

Help families and businesses to better organize their homes and offices with a mobile organizing service. You will travel to your client’s locations and improve their filing systems, declutter their rooms, and teach them storage solutions and best practices.

Read our tips on how to become a professional organizer

#15 – Catering Service

Prepare food for special events, business meetings and conferences in a mobile catering company.  There are many opportunities to sell your catering menu to weddings, birthday, retirement parties, bachelor and bachelorette events.

Learn how to start a catering service by reading this article. 

#16 – Photographer

You can start your mobile photography services with your camera equipment and your car. By making your services mobile you have the opportunity to capture photos in unique places.

Photography Business Resources

Here are our best photography business ideas 

Photography company name ideas – that are available and not taken.

#17 – Retail Boutique Store

Don’t get tied down to a specific brick and mortar store location. Instead drive to where your customers are.

Sell specialty items such as children’s clothes, vintage wear, wedding or prom gowns and create events wherever you park your vehicle, such as fashion shows, styling clinics and custom fittings and alterations.

#18 – Drone Photography

Want your business to take off? Then start a drone photography service and sell aerial photos to real estate agents, brides weddings, sporting and concert events. 

Drone Business Ideas

Get the best business ideas for your new drone photography company

#19 – Tour Guide and Tourist Info Center

Go where the tourists are and offer tours of sightseeing attractions. You can also set up a visitor information center with maps and brochures of local places of interest.

Being mobile you can drive to many different locations and offer multiple types of tours – haunted, historic, nature and family themed.

#20 – Dating Service & Matchmaking

Today’s singles need help to meet their true match. You can make money by offering dating tips and training on how to use popular online dating sites (effectively and safely).

Simply drive to your client’s location – home or office. Another idea is to drive to a location with many singles and offer group classes on modern dating etiquette.

#21- Junk Removal

Use your truck and your muscles to pack away and remove junk from people yards, houses, basements and attics. Some of the items you will be asked to remove can be resold to boost your profits. 

#22 – Mobile Phone Repair

Go to your customers home or offices to fix their broken screens and faulty mobile devices. You could also offer training sessions on how to use all the mobile phone features – especially appreciated by seniors.

#23 – Car Detailing

Go to your client’s car locations and wash and detail their cars while they are at work or school. Pack your supplies into your vehicle and you are off to make money!

#24 – Auto Repair

Go to your customer home and fix their car’s windshields and minor dents or scratches.  No need to pay expensive rent for garage space or buy expensive lift equipment.

#25 – Mobile Bookkeeper

Offer your services to small businesses and non-profit organizations to manage their bookkeeping and accounting functions. You can log in remotely into their accounting software such as Quickbooks.

Wondering if Quickbooks is hard to learn? Find other invoicing alternatives

#26 – Truck Delivery Service

Many farmers, small businesses and manufacturers have need of a truck delivery service. Use your pickup truck to sell delivery services. Read my checklist how to start a trucking service.

#27 – Local Errand Services

Busy moms and families will hire you to do their local errands such as picking up items around town, taking the dog to the vet or grocery shopping.

#28 – Firewood Delivery

Set up a regular delivery service of firewood during the cold months. Buy the logs wholesale and sell retail with a delivery fee.

#29 – Cloth Diaper Delivery

Moms who use cloth diapers need supplies and diapers delivered directly to their home. You can pick up dirty diapers and deliver clean ones mobile.

#30 – Mobile Farmer’s Market

Fill your VW van or truck with fresh, locally grown produce, eggs and flowers and travel to busy urban centers with your mobile farmers market.

#31- Photo scanning and digital archive

Many people have photo prints, slides and video cassettes they want digitized. Make it convenient for them by driving to their home and offer photo scanning, photocopying, document shredding and video to digital archives.

#32 – Composting Service

Environmentally families want to compost but do not have space for a compost pile. You can drive and pick up their green waste and compost it. Make more money by selling the nutrient rich compost to gardeners.

#33 – Party Bus

Take everyone to the party on your bus – or boat!

#34 – Tutoring

Go to your student’s school, the library or meet online to help them with their studies.

#35 – Language translating and teaching

Use your language skills to help translate documents. Also you could teach students in your foreign language. Consider becoming ESL – English as a second language – certified as there is a great demand.

#36 – Tech trainer

Be the mobile tech teacher who teaches people how to use their devices, cameras and lap top computers.

#37 – Handyman

Offer your construction talents to fix homeowners small repairs, such as hanging a door, painting a shelf and repairing tile.

Handyman Business Resources

Get inspired by reading my list of the best handyman business name ideas
Start your handyman hustle with one of these 6 model ideas

#38 – Cleaning services

Cleaning companies can be very profitable. Offer your services to homeowners, hotels, bed and breakfast inns, offices and real estate agents.

Name your cleaning company with one of these catchy name ideas

#39 –  Airport Shuttle Van

Drive people to the airport and pick them up in your van.

#40 – Event Planner

Help plan special events for your clients. You do not need an office or storefront since you will meet in your client’s homes. Stage weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.  Name your event planning company with one of my catchy names here.

#41 – Affiliate Marketing

Be a blogger and earn money promoting quality products via affiliate marketing. Learn about the top affiliate marketing niches to earn money in my article here. 

#43 – Freelancer Writer

Writing for clients as a freelancer can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and your laptop – the perfect mobile lifestyle.

#44 – Web Designer & Programmer

If you know how to design websites and HTML coding they you can make a good living creating websites. Even if you are not a technical programming, you too can offer web maintainece and update services on easy to use visual editors such as WordPress, Squarespace and Wix.

#45 – Garden Designer and Landscaper

Design and plant gardens for your clients. You can also offer lawn care maintenance.

Here are your tips for how to start a landscaping business. 

#46 – SEO Internet Marketing

If you have experience ranking websites that you can sell your knowledge as an SEO internet marketer to local businesses and companies around the world. 

#47 – Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor

Drive to your client’s homes and bring them custom-cooked cuisine tailored to their dietary needs and preferences. Also, you could offer cooking classes and demonstrations from your van.

#48 – Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant

Help women, and men, style their wardrobes to look their best. Visit them in their homes to evaluate their wardrobe and make suggestions for additions.

#49 – Crafting Teacher

Currently there is a trend towards handmade items and crafting. Capitilize by teaching crafts from your van such as macrame, sewing, woodworking and painting.

#50 – Record Store

Go to groups of music lovers, such as festival lovers, and sell records – new and vintage. Have an area in your truck for people to listen to different musical artists.

#51 – Virtual Assistant

With only a laptop and an internet connection, you can be an administrator without an office. Help busy professionals to book travel, write correspondence and research markets.

#52 – Massage Therapy

Outfit your van to be a healing center offering services such as massage, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki and meditation.

#53 – Brow Beauty Expert

Travel to your clients to groom their brows and offer lash extensions.

#54 – Musician

Put your band into your van and travel to gigs. Or sell your acting or singing talents for event entertainment. Here are lots more of my best entertainment business ideas.

#55 – Flea Market & Antique Dealer

Use your truck or van as a flea market stall to sell antiques and vintage items. Consider including services such as antique appraisals and estate sales.

#56 – Career Counselor and Resume Service

Help job seekers to prepare their resumes and show them how to distribute them to potential employers and job sites. Also offer one-on-one career counseling services.

#57 – Business Consultant

Here you can offer to local businesses advice and services to build their sales, increase profits, develop and launch new products.

No need for an expensive office – just go to your client’s offices. Name your firm with one of my catchy consulting business name ideas here

#58 – Employee Trainer

Companies need help to train their employees in all types of skills such as customer service, sales, computer software and negotiation. Offer your expertise and teach at your client’s offices.

#59 – Pet Sitter

Take care of your customer’s pets while they are away on vacation or busy at work. Walk, feed and train dogs as a business.

#60 – Balloon Art

A simple cart will suffice for creating and selling balloon art. Park in areas with lots of children and families such as beaches, parks and zoos.

#61 – Computer Setup & Repair Service

Set up and repair computers at your customer’s homes and offices.

#62 – Hair Salon & Stylist

Set up a mobile hair salon inside of a truck and travel to your customers.

#63 – Makeup Artist

Offer services of expert makeup application for weddings, photo shoots, theatre, film and video production. Also you can teach classes on how to apply makeup inside of your van.

#64 – DJ Entertainment Services

Be the MC and play music at special events such as weddings, conferences and corporate events.

#65 – Therapist & Life Coach

Help people with their problems and coach them in their personal development goals.

#66 – Florist

Go beyond simply delivering flowers, set up a floral shop on wheels.  Drive to different locations such as commuter rail stations and busy office buildings to sell your flowers.

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