Why Do You Need Automation Testing For Your Website Or App?

Launching a website or an app without testing is a recipe for failure. That means even more so when you work on projects that operate with private and financial information. Then, you need to test the whole project with efficiency and reduce the costs of testing.

For that, you can use automation testing. That is another name for an automation tool that tests the whole app or website without much supervision.

You can use it for most websites or apps. And, if you can code, you can use it for almost any web testing.

What is Automation Testing

Automation testing refers to the practice of testing the code, features, and infrastructures of websites and apps. To perform website automation, quality assurance and other specialists use a program like an automation testing tool.

It is a program you can code or edit to get a specific test for the app. Most often, automation tools test general website features. For example, a QA tester’s job consists of checking web forms. Once they find a bug, they contact the QA manager. Then, the development team works on the bug to resolve the issue.

The QA tester uses the form again until they report another bug. That approach seems fine until they have to test hundreds of website forms. Instead of doing it manually, you can set an automation testing tool to do that job.

Who Needs Automation Testing

Web developers and app developers should use automation tools. Also, any other projects that use or develop software should use these tools. For that matter, you could say that any business with a digital product can give these testing tools a try.

However, if you have a small project, you can do manual testing. When you have a website with a simple structure, web developers can do the testing.

Another situation where you can avoid using automation tools is when you have static websites. The primary benefit of these tools is to test databases, data structures, and web structures. Static sites have a simple build and require no advanced testing.

When to Use Automation Testing

You can use automation testing for repetitive tasks, infrastructure, or data testing. In the previous example, you had formed. With automation testing, you can use the tools to test dozens of forms at once.

That way, you get results much faster and have more time to resolve them. The same applies to all tasks with repetitive tests that require a few manual actions to complete.

Avoid all of that with tools. Even more so when you consider that tools come with a ready-to-deploy option.

How Website Automation Testing Works

There are two ways to perform automation testing. You can use automation tools or code the test.

The advantage of tools is that you can deploy them with almost no coding experience. Testing tools today have various functions and benefits. Also, they are ready as a no-code solution. A business can use them at any time.

Of course, the general recommendation is that you have a web developer or software engineer at your side. That way, you can ensure the complete quality of your website or app.

Automation Tests

Automation tests help you to uncover any possible issue with your app or website. You can use the tests for:

  • Website functionality testing
  • Usability testing
  • Interface testing
  • Database testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

Most tests are available within the tool. Also, you can deploy multiple tests at once to reduce time and testing costs. All that is left is to get proper preparation for your automation testing.

How to Prepare Website Automation Testing

There are two ways to prepare for automation testing or two situations to consider. The first situation is when you perform individual testing. And the second situation is when you build a system for testing.

In the first situation, you have a web developer or a small team for testing. In that case, your internal team can do all the testing.

In the second situation, you have a whole team of QA testers and a dedicated development team. In that case, you operate a significant digital product that requires constant quality assurance. Then, you want to create best practices, onboarding programs and let the team members learn them.

With that, you are ready to test your websites and apps.

Try Automation Testing

Automation testing is a necessary practice in the current digital product market. To ensure the best user experience, you want to eliminate all issues, bugs, and errors.

Automation tools make that task easy for people even without coding skills. All you need is to give them a try. Deliver an extraordinary experience for your users.

By: Samanta Acuna
Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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