Why Good Web Design Is Important For Your Business

Good web design means your website attracts more visitors and ensures they spend time on your site. In turn, that means they are more likely to complete calls-to-action and convert into customers. In short, a good website design leads to more revenue and profits for your business. Let’s look in more detail at why web design is so crucial.

Aesthetic Design

The more attractive a website looks, the more likely users will engage with the site. The concept isn’t rocket science, but you need to understand design principles and UX design elements for each part of your site’s content if you want it to stand out from the crowd and engage visitors.

Your web pages should have an exceptional layout, there should be lots of colorful images, and the written content needs to be appealing and informative. Putting all that and more together needs an expert eye. This is why we’d recommend you engage a professional website design company like Parachute Design; it’s likely to be worth the return on investment.

Ultimately if you want your business to be profitable, it’s essential you have an aesthetically-pleasing website design.


Good website design includes a well-labeled navigation bar or menu that lists the pages of your site. If the menu is hard to find or contains confusing text, users will find it difficult to navigate your website. If that happens, they will soon give up and try a competitor’s site instead. A simple but intuitive navigation design makes visitors return again and again.

Search Engine Optimization

Good web design is not just about the look and functionality of a website. It also incorporates keywords, HTML text, and other data in the site’s content to improve Search Engine Optimization. That means your content will be found by people much more easily when they search online. The more SEO-friendly your website is, the higher-up it will appear in listings on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Clear Content

You need to think again if you’re tempted to fill your website with endless content on dozens of pages. If a webpage is too cluttered with content like images and text, it will look messy. And it could affect conversion rates. The same goes for having too many pages. You need to make your content as engaging and informative as possible while also making it clear and concise. Professional web designers know how to utilize negative space and how to arrange content for maximum effect. They also know how visitors “read” websites. In the West, people read text from left to right and from top to bottom. Using the same reading pattern in a website’s design greatly increases visitors’ chances of seeing your messages and converting them into customers.

Brand Uniformity

A website is part of a business’s brand. Once you have created your company’s brand, which involves elements like the logo, slogan, colors, and overall design approach, it is vital you use your brand consistently. If you want to convert more customers, it is very important that your target market can instantly recognize your business brand in all types of media. If there are differences in your brand across the different pages of your website, and across all other channels such as social media platforms, it can result in confusion among your customers and make them feel your business is not as professional as they thought. Inadequate and inconsistent branding will lead to losing customers. But good web design makes full use of your company’s branding.

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