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But first you need a creative and eye-catching logo. Let’s get started with that and your favicon will be ready in no time!

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What Is a Favicon?

Favicons (FAVorite ICON) are branded icons that allow users to easily find your website in the tabs or bookmarks of their browsers. Today, favicons are used not only in browsers (both web and mobile), but also in search engines, apps, and platforms.

example favicon

Examples of Favicon Designs

Check out the amazing icons designs created by ZenBusiness users for their websites and apps!

favicon examples
example of a favicon in use

Why Do I Need to Make a Favicon?

Favicons are not just nice icons for your website. They are major branding elements that are often neglected. With a website icon, you will have the advantage of standing out among the sea of competitors, as a favicon helps users instantly identify your website. This is why it’s so important to have an effective icon: to make it easier for users to save or pin your website on their browsers.

How do I Create a Favicon?

With ZenBusiness, you can get a full brand kit that includes favicons of different sizes in just a few clicks. Follow these simple steps:

To maintain a consistent brand identity, website icons are normally created out of essential elements of your logo. So, you need to start with a logo. Enter your company name and select your industry. ZenBusiness will generate multiple logos that fit your business like a glove. Choose the one you like best!

2. Create a favicon

Create an icon design based on your selected logo. You can create a single website icon or a full set of different sizes (16-128 px). The best part is that you don’t need to draw a single line. Simply choose from pre-made templates and edit them as you like!

3. Save and download your files

Download your file in the right format (PNG) to your computer. Now you can add them to your website or any other platform!

Why ZenBusiness?


ZenBusiness offers an entire set of icons (16-128 px) to fit every popular platform.


ZenBusiness favicons are available in popular formats (PNG). This means you don’t need to convert or edit your icon design before adding it to your websites and apps.


Creating a logo and favicon with ZenBusiness is way cheaper than hiring a designer. Who wouldn’t want to save some money?


Skip scrupulously drawing favicons and converting them to suitable formats. With ZenBusiness, you don’t need any skills or extra tools to turn your logo into beautiful favicons.


You get all the copyrights for your logo and favicons to freely use them for any commercial or personal purposes.


Creating a logo and website icon won’t take you longer than a few minutes. Imagine how long a designer would need to complete the same task!

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