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Coming Soon – Need a professional, print-ready business card? We know how to save your time and money! No need to hire an expensive designer and go through endless edits afterwards! Use ZenBusiness to create a nice business card with your logo on it.

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Our Features


ZenBusiness creates business cards with bleeds to make the printing process safe and easy for you.


You’ll get your business card files in PDF and SVG. Feel free to resize them while maintaining the quality.


Edit your business cards anytime anywhere. You can change any part of your design, including text, fonts, colors, and layout!


Once you’re happy with your business card, you can go ahead and print it. Pick the best print shop from our partner list and get your physical business cards delivered to your doorstep!


All your files are stored in your ZenBusiness account. If you happen to lose your design, you can redownload it anytime!


Use your logo to create a full brand identity package! Get your own professional business cards, letterheads, social media images, and more!

How To Create A Business Card With ZenBusiness

How do you create a captivating logo without knowing anything about graphic design? With ZenBusiness, you can get yourself an awesome logo hassle-free! Make a logo, pick a business card template, add your information, and get a print-ready business card in minutes!

Start by entering your company name. Add the keywords which describe what you do. Then choose the best icon and colors for your future logo.

ZenBusiness will generate dozens of logos tailored to your business. Pick the design you like best. You can edit your logo now or later.

2. Choose a template

In the menu on the left, open the “Business Cards” tab. Click on the right business card design to open it in the editor. Then pick a business card template you like best.

3. Enter your information

Click “Edit” and then “Text”. Replace the default text with your personal information.

4. Edit

You can edit both sides of your business card, including the logo, colors, text, etc.

5. Download files.

Purchase one of our pricing plans and download your business card in raster (PNG) or vector (PDF, SVG) format, with or without bleeds.

This Is What Your Business Card May Look Like

Take a look at a few beautiful examples of business cards created by ZenBusiness. ZenBusiness boasts a vast library of original business card templates. You’ll be sure to find the best solution for you and your company!

business card samples

How to Print a Business Card Using ZenBusiness

We partner with first-class online printing services. Place an order with the print shop that suits you. Soon you’ll be contacted by a manager to discuss the number of cards, type of paper, and order fulfillment time.

1. Choose a business card to print

In your ZenBusiness profile, click on the business card you want to print. Select “View and download”.

2. Choose an online printing service

Select the suitable printing service from the dropdown list.

3. Click “Print”

Upon clicking on “Print”, you’ll be taken to the website of your selected printing service to place your order.

4. Get your printed business cards

Get your business cards delivered to your local post office or directly to your doorstep.

5. If you need your business cards fast

What do you do if our partnering print services are too far away from you or it’ll take too long to fulfill your order? Go ahead and look for a print shop near you! Search for “print shop” on Google Maps and pick a print shop in your neighborhood.

One Design Bundle for All Your Needs

One service for all your branding needs. Create your own memorable logo and get business cards, letterheads, envelopes, social media branding, and more in just a few clicks!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Point the cursor at the right business card and click “View and download”. In the new window, click “Edit” and type in your contact information.

  • Creating and editing a business card is free. To download your business card in raster (PNG) or vector (PDF, SVG) format, you need to purchase one of our pricing plans.

  • Your business card will have the standard dimensions of 90×50 mm without bleeds. If you’re making a design with bleeds, your card will have a few extra mm on each side (depending on your selected bleed size).

  • To print your business card, we recommend using our partnering print services. Also, you can download your business card in vector format (PDF, SVG) and print it at your local print shop.

  • Sure! ZenBusiness lets you create and download double-sided business cards.

  • Yes. To create different business cards for your employees, open your business card design in the editor.

  • Absolutely. You can edit the size of elements, text, colors, type of logo (vertical or horizontal, with or without slogan, etc.), and more.

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