Harvard Business Services Registered Agent Review (2023)

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As with anything, there are pros and cons to choosing Harvard Business Services. This Harvard Business Services Registered Agent review will outline everything you need to know.

Alternatively, you can simply have ZenBusiness be your Registered Agent. Our team will keep your business compliant with State requirements to have someone present during business hours to receive and manage state and tax correspondence on your behalf.

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If you want to start an LLC in the United States, you will need to designate a registered agent. The role of the registered agent involves the usage of their address as your official business address, which means they’ll receive important document deliveries on your behalf, including court summons and other official correspondence from your state government.

While you can legally serve as your own agent and still operate a compliant business entity, there are some other benefits of hiring a registered agent service, like the ability to keep your personal information out of the public record. In addition, having a registered agent makes it so that you don’t need to be available at your place of business during all standard business hours, and it also cuts down on the amount of junk mail you’ll receive.

There are many companies that offer this vital service to businesses, and it can be difficult to discern which one is the best option for your company. In this review, we’ll take a close look at Harvard Business Services, one of the most popular service providers in the industry. Are they the right registered agent service for your business?

About Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services has formed 190,000+ businesses in the state of Delaware since they opened back in 1981.

For their first several years in business, the founder operated the company out of his own home, until the workload became too much to handle, and he expanded the business into a more typical office space.

On their website, Harvard Business Services outlines the top reasons to use their services. These reasons include extraordinary customer support, same-day online filings, low formation prices, a $50 registered agent fee, the best Delaware registered agent service, and lifetime customer service.

A fun fact about Harvard Business Services is their offering of “the guaranteed lowest registered agent fee in the industry.” Not only is their registered agent priced at an affordable $50, but this rate is guaranteed to remain at $50 for the entire life cycle of your company.

30-Second Summary of Our Review

Harvard Business Services is a strong provider of registered agent service in the state of Delaware, although they do not provide service in any other state.

They also provide a full year of registered agent service with all of their formation packages, and they receive positive customer reviews.

Harvard Business Services Strengths

  • Low registered agent fee – Offering registered agent service for an annual fee of just $50 is a good deal.
  • Positive customer reviews – One look at Harvard Business Services’ customer feedback confirms that most of their clients are very pleased with the service they receive.
  • Plenty of experience – With nearly 40 years of experience and more than 190,000 businesses formed in the state of Delaware, Harvard Business Services has a strong track record of success.
  • Strong customer support – Harvard Business Services has reliable and efficient customer service that compares favorably to most of their competitors.

Harvard Business Services Weaknesses

  • They only provide services in Delaware – As is, they’re still a good option for entrepreneurs needing service in Delaware.

Pricing & Additional Features

Their annual fee of $50 per year is impressive, especially when you consider that they guarantee this rate will never increase throughout the entire life cycle of your company. Their registered agent service does not include any additional features, but at this price point, it doesn’t need to.

Harvard Business Services vs Other Registered Agent Services

If you’re looking for registered agent service in the state of Delaware, Harvard Business Services is a strong option.

Their offering is also impressive due to their guarantee that this rate will never increase as long as your company is in business. For more information on your other options, take a look at our guide to the top registered agent services available.

Online Customer Reviews

Harvard Business Services has thousands of reviews available online, with most of them appearing on Trustpilot, where they have a positive reputation. With more than 3,000 reviews, they maintain an impressive 99% rate of 4- or 5-star reviews.

Their clients often discuss their low prices, helpful customer support, and high ease of use. Customer feedback is a selling point for Harvard Business Services.

Customer Service Quality

Harvard Business Services offers customer support through a variety of different mediums, including phone, email, web chat, and Skype. Both in our own experience and according to their customer reviews, Harvard Business Services representatives are helpful and professional no matter how you contact them.

Their response times are also quite quick, meaning you won’t have to sit around waiting to hear back from them. We also like how they list their staff members’ direct phone extensions on their website.

Main Reasons to Use Harvard Business Services

If you operate a business in Delaware, they’re a strong option. Their positive customer feedback, affordable registered agent service pricing, and solid customer support are a few good reasons to use their services.

Main Reasons Not to Use Harvard Business Services

Obviously, if you operate a business in any state other than Delaware, Harvard Business Services is not an option. The main reason we would consider using a competitor in Delaware is if you also need to form your business entity, there are some other options that offer the combination of formation and registered agent service (or annual reports) at slightly lower price points. Or, if you’re interested in a free business formation, ZenBusiness only requires you to pay your state’s fee. Also, we are a nationwide registered agent service provider with reasonable rates.


This company’s Delaware-only focus gives it some advantages, including its super-fast business formation timelines and cheap registered agent service. Throw in its positive customer feedback reputation and you’re looking at a solid choice for Delaware business services.