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It’s hard to dig up too much information about BetterLegal’s background, as there is no “About Us” page on its website. However, we did glean some info from BetterLegal’s LinkedIn page, which says the company is based in Austin, Texas, and has fewer than 10 employees. On BetterLegal’s website, they say they’ve served tens of thousands of customers.

Pros and Cons of BetterLegal

Pros of BetterLegal

✔ BetterLegal includes some valuable services in its LLC formation package, including an employer identification number (EIN), an operating agreement, a business website, a business checking account, some document templates, and more.

✔ BetterLegal doesn’t have a ton of online customer reviews, but what they do have is strong. We found 300+ reviews on Trustpilot, and most of them were positive.

✔ If you’re looking for additional services, BetterLegal has some inviting price points. For example, it charges just $90 per year for registered agent service.

✔ Afraid of commitment? BetterLegal has a solution. It’s one of the only online business service providers that offer monthly rates on registered agent service and some other features.

Cons of BetterLegal

✖ At $299 (+ state fee), BetterLegal has a higher price point for LLC formation service than many competitors. For example, at ZenBusiness, we’ll form your LLC for free — just pay your state’s fee.

✖ If experience is a priority for you, BetterLegal might not be your best option. While BetterLegal has formed thousands of businesses, some competitors have a much higher customer volume. For instance, here at ZenBusiness, we’ve formed 500,000+ businesses, and companies like LegalZoom have formed millions.

✖ BetterLegal refuses all refund requests. This is in stark contrast to some competitors (like us at ZenBusiness) that offer 100% satisfaction guarantees.

BetterLegal LLC Formation Packages

BetterLegal only offers one LLC formation service package. It costs $299 plus your state’s required filing fee. Here’s a breakdown of the features you’ll receive.

➢ Preparation and Filing of the Articles of Organization: This document includes some basic information about you and your business. It officially forms your LLC with the state. BetterLegal will draft and file this document with your state.

➢ Tax ID Number (EIN): An employer identification number (EIN) is essentially a Social Security number for businesses. It allows you to hire employees, open business bank accounts, file taxes, and more. BetterLegal will acquire your company’s EIN from the IRS.

➢ Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is an important internal document that outlines some managerial and operational aspects of your new LLC. BetterLegal includes a customizable operating agreement template that allows you to create this document.

➢ Banking Resolution: This document outlines which individuals are eligible to open bank accounts on behalf of your LLC.

➢ “Freebies”: In this section, BetterLegal includes some third-party partnership offers, including those for a business website, business checking account, tax consultation, and insurance evaluation.

Compare Packages

Identify the LLC package and services that fit your needs and then get started.








File in 2 to 3 weeks **




File in 1 to 5 days **



Top Features

More InfoWe do everything needed to file your application with the state and make your business official. Standard LLC Filing
More InfoWe’ll file your paperwork quickly and accurately. If there are any errors with your filing, our team will do what’s needed to make it right. 100% Accuracy Guarantee
More InfoKeeps you compliant with all state-required annual report and amendment filings to maintain LLC protections and avoid fines. Worry-Free Compliance
More InfoThis essential document is like the constitution for your business. Operating Agreement
More InfoOur fastest service puts you to the front of our line of filings. Our Fastest Filing Speed
More InfoOur team will secure your EIN from the IRS so you can open a business bank account, hire employees, and pay taxes. EIN
More InfoIncludes over 25 templates for contracts, service agreements, waivers, and more. Business Documents
More InfoGet online with a website builder tool optimized for traffic and customers. Business Website Builder
More InfoBuild and protect your brand by registering a private domain name that matches your business name. Domain Name with Privacy
More InfoStay organized and give your business more credibility with a business email. Business Email Address

File in 2 to 3 weeks **

1 year free, then $199/yr*

File in 1 to 5 days **

*SPECIAL OFFER – Get Starter for $0 plus state fees. Includes one optional free year of Worry-Free Compliance that renews at $199/yr.
**These filing times are averages and include our processing times and Secretary of State turnaround times which vary by state.

In-Depth BetterLegal Review

BetterLegal Overall Pricing and Value

At $299 (plus your state’s required filing fee), BetterLegal’s pricing is considerably higher than some competitors. For example, with us at ZenBusiness, you can form an LLC for free as long as you pay your state fee. That said, BetterLegal has more inviting price points for some of its other services, as its registered agent service costs $90 per year.

Track Record

Based in Austin, Texas, BetterLegal has served tens of thousands of customers with various business services. However, we were unable to glean much more info about its background. When it comes to customer feedback, BetterLegal has 300+ reviews on Trustpilot with consistently strong scores.

Customer Support

You can connect with BetterLegal’s customer support team from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET on weekdays. They’re available via phone, or you can fill out the contact form on their website. In our experience, their representatives are helpful and friendly, and they usually respond promptly to inquiries.

Ease of Placing an Order

The first step with BetterLegal is choosing your entity type (LLC or corporation) and state of formation. Then, you’ll walk through four additional screens. First, you’ll enter some basic info about yourself and your business. Next, you’ll provide your payment details, followed by a screen where you provide BetterLegal with the information they need to acquire your EIN from the IRS. Finally, there’s a brief review page, and you’re good to go.

Should you start an LLC with BetterLegal?

When it comes down to making a choice, BetterLegal may have more advantages than disadvantages. Here are some scenarios where you should or shouldn’t use BetterLegal for LLC formation service.

✔ When to Form an LLC with BetterLegal

If you’re looking for registered agent service, BetterLegal has a strong price point. Also, its LLC formation service package has a decent selection of features, even at its relatively high sticker price.

✖ When NOT to Form an LLC with BetterLegal

Simply put, there are many companies that can form an LLC for less money than BetterLegal. For instance, with us at ZenBusiness, you can form an LLC for free instead of BetterLegal’s $299 (and you’ll pay your state’s fee either way).

Start your LLC with ZenBusiness

Pricing starts at just $0 + state fee

Frequently Asked Questions About BetterLegal

BetterLegal has served tens of thousands of customers with business services over the years, and it has a strong reputation for customer feedback on Trustpilot (albeit with a smaller volume of reviews than some competitors).

It’s normal to be uncertain about which online LLC formation service is the right choice for your unique business. After all, there are a ton of options out there, and each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

However, we’ve done countless hours of research on this topic, reviewing and comparing all of the best LLC formation services. Take a look at how BetterLegal stacks up.

ZenBusiness vs. BetterLegal: The most obvious difference here is pricing. BetterLegal charges $299 for LLC formation service, while we have a free package (you’ll pay your state’s required fee either way). In addition, we’ve formed 500K+ businesses, while BetterLegal has served “tens of thousands” of customers. Finally, we have 12,000+ positive reviews compared to a few hundred for BetterLegal.

Northwest Registered Agent vs. BetterLegal: Northwest’s price point of $225 (+ state fee) is closer to BetterLegal’s $299 sticker price. While BetterLegal includes an EIN and operating agreement, Northwest counters with a year of registered agent service. These companies have similar customer feedback reputations, although Northwest has served more customers overall.

LegalZoom vs. BetterLegal: Like us at ZenBusiness, LegalZoom also offers a free LLC formation package, which is obviously cheaper than BetterLegal’s $299 offering. LegalZoom has far more experience than BetterLegal, with millions of customers served. That said, if you’re looking for registered agent service, BetterLegal’s $90/year offering is far more affordable than LegalZoom’s $249 price point.

Yes. In our experience, BetterLegal has responsive and knowledgeable support representatives. They don’t stand out from the competition in any particular way, but they don’t have any noticeable weaknesses in this area, either.

No. BetterLegal refuses all refund requests. In their own words, “All purchases are final and will not be refunded.”

That’s always an option, and some entrepreneurs do just that. The problem with the do-it-yourself route is that it can take quite a bit of time due to state-specific compliance requirements. On the other end of the spectrum, some people hire lawyers to form their LLCs, but that’s usually far more expensive than online LLC services are.

In general, reserving a business name before entering the formation process is unnecessary. The only times when you would need to do this are if you’re located in a state like Alabama that requires a name reservation or if you’re not ready to form your business yet, but want to make sure that your name is available when you are.

Yes. There are very few restrictions on who can form an LLC in the United States. You don’t need to be physically present in this country to form one, you don’t need to be a U.S. citizen or resident, etc. If you want to own and operate your own LLC, there aren’t many restrictions to doing so.

No. BetterLegal specifically mentions on its website that its New York LLC formation service doesn’t include publication service. Looking for a company to handle this step on your behalf? Check out our New York publication service.

You can reach BetterLegal by phone at the number 855-612-0480. If you’d rather communicate via email, you can fill out the contact form on their website, and they’ll get back to you “within the next business day.”

With BetterLegal, all LLC formation turnaround times vary depending on your state of formation. BetterLegal has a helpful “LLC Formation Cost and Turnaround by State” page that lists formation speeds for each state.

BetterLegal’s biggest advantage is its generous pricing model for registered agent services and annual reports. Unfortunately, BetterLegal’s biggest disadvantage is its steep price point for LLC formation service.

BetterLegal offers ongoing compliance assistance for $90 per year, and it provides registered agent services at the same rate.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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