Legalinc and LegalZoom Merger Information

In 2018, LegalZoom acquired Legalinc in a stock acquisition. For several years, it kept both companies operating as separate entities. However, in 2023, LegalZoom largely shut down Legalinc. While existing Legalinc customers can still log into their accounts, the brand no longer offers services to new clients.

Today, the Legalinc homepage includes a link inviting potential new customers to instead purchase services from LegalZoom. We’ve decided to keep this review up, as it may still help Legalinc’s existing customers, as well as those who were considering Legalinc but now must find another option.

About Legalinc

Legalinc takes advantage of all the latest technological advancements to automate significant portions of the business formation process. This means that they’re able to complete LLC formations quicker than some competitors. Their prices aren’t great, but they do have some interesting features you can add to your formation package.

According to the Legalinc website, their mission statement includes “changing the way legal services are executed and delivered by automating mundane tasks that hold legal teams back. Save time and headache by managing your business formations, registered agent services, annual filings, Secretary of State compliance tasks, and more from one single login.”

A fun fact about Legalinc is that most of their services are managed via an interactive and user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard allows customers to keep all of their services organized, and it also works as a middleman for companies that provide business services. For example, you can give your clients access to purchase business filings from you while Legalinc handles the actual work.

30-Second Summary

Legalinc opened for business in 2012. This Texas-based company is rather unusual in the way it provides its services, as its registered agent and LLC formation services are entirely automated. Its LLC formation service is reasonably priced, and it also includes access to a convenient dashboard where you can add a number of valuable features.

Legalinc Strengths

  • Specialty service available for large clients – While most of their competitors are focused on providing services for small businesses, Legalinc’s software platform can power large firms with comprehensive entity management services.
  • Minimizes waste due to automated service – There’s no wasted time doing manual data entry, and there’s no wasted money paying for ineffective processes.
  • Tech-savvy services – Legalinc’s entire mission statement revolves around revolutionizing “outdated and inefficient” processes through the embrace of technology.

Legalinc Weaknesses

  • Cheaper options are available – There are some competing services that can form your business for less than half as much as it costs with Legalinc. At ZenBusiness, we will even form your new entity for free (+ state fee).
  • No customer reviews – While some of their competitors have hundreds or even thousands of reviews available, we were unable to find any reviews of Legalinc’s services online.
  • Some services unavailable for small businesses – Some of Legalinc’s services are only offered to large enterprise clients.

Pricing and Additional Features

Legalinc has just one LLC formation package available for $99 (plus state fee). It provides a business name availability check, along with the preparation and filing of your Articles of Organization. In addition, their convenient automated dashboard makes it so easy to form a company that you can fill out their entire order form in just five minutes. This dashboard allows you to obtain an employer identification number (EIN) and provides document management services, and Legalinc also offers publication services and physical business kits.

Legalinc vs. Other LLC Services

We respect what Legalinc has to offer, but there are some competing services that can save you money. In addition, Legalinc doesn’t include advanced features in their LLC formation package, which some competitors do, and they don’t have nearly as many reviews as many other companies in this industry. For a glimpse at what some of the most popular options can provide, take a look at our list of the best LLC services reviewed online.

Customer Service Quality

With Legalinc, you can access their customer support team via phone, email, or web chat. We tested all three options and found that their response times are quick, as we spent little time waiting for them to respond to our queries. In our experience, their representatives are courteous and knowledgeable and were able to answer our questions efficiently and accurately.

Main Reasons to Use Legalinc

The best reason to use Legalinc is if you own a company that provides business services to other companies and you’d like Legalinc to help you streamline your processes. For example, Incfile outsources all of its registered agent services to Legalinc.

Main Reasons Not to Use Legalinc

If you’re a typical small business owner, their advantages probably don’t affect your business as much as they would for a larger company. In this situation, there are plenty of other companies that can provide similar services for less money.


Legalinc’s fully automated approach to formation service is intriguing, and their LLC formation package is fairly priced while including access to their convenient online dashboard.

About Forming an LLC

The limited liability company is an increasingly popular business structure in the U.S., with thousands of new LLCs being formed every day. The LLC is effectually a hybrid business type, occupying the space between the rigid formalities of a corporation and the casual nature of a general partnership or sole proprietorship.

While you can create your own LLC, the process for doing so varies from state to state, so there’s no uniform process for forming one. This can make it complicated and time-consuming. Some entrepreneurs choose to hire a business attorney to form their limited liability companies, but this route can be expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

The other option is to hire an LLC service to form your company. There are many companies that offer limited liability company formation services online, and it’s sometimes difficult to determine which one has your best interests in mind. If you’re looking to form your own LLC but you’re not quite sure where to turn, we hope that our reviews can help you decide.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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