How to Create a Bat Logo?

Batman Logo

Symbolic meaning

It is too banal to compare a bat with an image of “dark power.” If you analyze the cultures of different nations, you will notice that their associations with the bat are much more positive. The bat is perceived as a guard against failure, the embodiment of happiness, prosperity, longevity, and health. As for the symbolism of a bat logo, there are a lot of meanings, and they are perfectly combined with the philosophy of each individual brand. For example, various world intelligence agencies use this symbol as an embodiment of discreteness and excellent tactics.

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Bacardi Logo

Who uses it?

For many years, the bat has been depicted on the Bacardi rum logo: in the homeland of this drink, the bat represents happiness. For more than 100 years, the image of a bat with spread wings has been used by the Spanish football club Valencia. A detailed silhouette of a flying animal is depicted on the Bat Conservation International trademark.

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Bats Logo

Which colors to choose?

Traditionally, a bat logo is depicted in dark, deep colors. Black is the main color for such a logo. Firstly, it repeats the natural coloring of the animal and provides quick recognition, while, secondly, it makes the brand symbol universal and gives it the necessary semantic meaning. However, there are no restrictions if a different color scheme is required to implement the brand concept. The bat has a well-recognized silhouette, so any color can be used.

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General recommendations

In most cases, a bat logo is an image of this flying animal. However, you must be cautious while using a silhouette with outstretched wings, as many copyrights have been registered for such an image. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with different positions and angles. The use of abstract elements is allowed, in which the silhouette of the wings and head is noticeable. By developing a text logo, you can embed recognizable elements in letters (for example, adding webbed wings).

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