How to Create a Helicopter Logo

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General information

A helicopter is a convenient and practical aircraft which is successfully used in civil and military aviation. Nowadays, only wealthy and successful people can afford to move around in helicopter. Helicopter stands for speed, safety, growth, and continuous movement. Your brand doesn’t have to deal with aviation in order to use a helicopter logo.

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What brands use a helicopter logo

The Bell Helicopter company paired their brand name with an oval shape symbolizing rotation of helicopter blades. As for the Blade Helicopter brand, it also has a minimalist logo, with two abstract figures symbolizing rotation and speed. A cartoonish drawing of a helicopter is used by Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. Helicopter Marketing & Communications agency added a rotor over letter “t” in their brand name. The logo for Helicopter Flight Services features a clean image of a helicopter.

Blade Helicopter Logo
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What images to choose

Perhaps the most noticeable part of a helicopter that evokes the right associations is the rotor. It’s only understandable that most logos feature the image of a rotor. Another option is to draw an ellipse that resembles rotating blades. The use of various geometric shapes and abstract details is also very common. These graphics are quick to create visual associations with a helicopter, as well as movement, ascent, and striving forward.

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What colors to choose

Many helicopter logos are drawn in shades of blue. However, depending on the goals of your company, you can use a completely different color scheme. Modern logos mostly have a concise color palette with 1-2 shades. Also, you can come across sketchy black drawings on a white background. Make sure your color scheme creates the right mood and transcends your brand philosophy.

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