How to Create a Zebra Logo?

Discover how to design a unique zebra logo that symbolizes balance, individuality, and elegance, making your brand truly unforgettable.

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Symbolic meaning

The zebra (due mostly to its color) symbolizes harmony in life. In most cultures, it is considered the personification of calm and prudence. The animal cannot be tamed; therefore, a zebra is associated with independence and carefree nature. Each animal has a unique color, which adds another semantic meaning – originality – to the symbol. A logo with a zebra will suit brands that want to emphasize their uniqueness, freedom to make decisions, harmonious positioning, and other positive qualities.

Zebra Air Logo
Zebra Logo
Zebra-Deluxe Logo
Zebra Technologies Logo

Who uses it?

The Zebra Technologies logo is one of the most famous examples. The symbol of a large technology company is a simple image of the animal’s head. Pink Zebra designers decided to replace white stripes with pink ones, which is how they developed a logo for the music streaming service. A recognizable combination of stripes composes the central part of the Zebra Medical Vision logo. A similar option was used for Zebra Strategic Holdings. If you look closely, you will see that the stripes form the letter “Z”. A similar solution was created for Zebra Deluxe, though with a golden crown added to the symbol.

Pink Zebra Logo
Zebra Medical Vision Logo
Zebra Strategic Holdings Logo
Rainbow Zebra Logo

Which colors to choose?

At first glance, it seems obvious that, for a zebra logo, one would use the classic combination of black and white. However, do not forget that the animal symbolizes freedom in terms of decision-making. Therefore, any creative solutions are allowed, and the combination of the color of the stripes may be different. Many brands have already done this, creating interesting results. The main thing is to create a recognizable image or to use the distinctive animal’s stripes. However, if the name “Zebra” is present in the brand name, these rules do not matter.

Green Zebra Logo
Little Zebra Logo
Spotted Zebras Logo
Zebra Logo

Which elements to choose?

The zebra logo allows for a variety of solutions. For example, you can use the silhouette of an animal, a detailed drawing, an image of the head, or simply a symbol that resembles stripes. Various abstractions are allowed: just choose the elements that resemble a zebra’s stripes. Any bold decisions are welcome, as the very philosophy of the symbol implies freedom of action and creativity. Keep in mind that modern logos value conciseness and simplicity.

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La Zebra Logo
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