How to Create a Unicorn Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

A unicorn has a myriad of semantic meanings. In different cultures, it’s associated with wisdom, strong spirit, and purity. Also, the image of a unicorn stands for magic, pure feelings, and integrity. These values resonate with people nowadays. A unicorn logo suits a variety of businesses, including manufacturers, creative teams, IT companies, children’s brands, cafés, and many other organizations.

Ace Unicorn Logo
Unicorn Clan Logo
Unicorn Cleaning Solutions Logo
Unicorn Tools Logo

What brands use a unicorn logo?

In the logo for the children’s clothing brand Little Unicorn, you can see a charming unicorn that looks like a toy. The equipment manufacturer Unicorn Tools has a consider drawing of the animal’s head. The Unicorn & Rainbows marketing agency uses an abstract graphic which remotely resembles a rainbow with a horn. The Unicorn Electromechanical logo is a fiery unicorn stands for energy and strength.

Little Unicorn Logo
Unicorn u0026amp; Rainbows Logo
Unicorn Electromechanical Logo
Unicorn Childrens Foundation Logo

What images to choose?

A unicorn is typically depicted as a horse with a long and sometimes twisted horn. While some images are intricate and complex, others are rough and sketchy. Most unicorn emblems are minimalist, clean design with thin lines and smooth curves. Use additional graphics to convey more information about your company. For example, lighting works great in the industry sector, while hearts are a great choice for wedding agences.

Unicorn Dreamworks Logo
Unicorn Premium Logo
Unicorn Rebellion Logo
Unicorn Team Logo

What colors to choose?

There are no strict rules applied to creating a unicorn logo. The best thing about the image of a unicorn is that it will remain recognizable in any color. When choosing colors for your corporate design, think about what message you want to send to your target audience and what features of your brand you want to emphasize. Considering that a unicorn is a magical creature, you it’s better to focus on bright, saturated colors, such as red, blue, green, and the like. A monochrome palette is also a way to go. A black-and-white unicorn will look stunning! The image of a magic horse with a horn will remain recognizable in any color scheme.

Unicorns of Love Logo
Unifire Logo
Vanilla Unicorn Logo
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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 16,127 reviews

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