How to Create a Swan Logo?

Learn how to create an elegant swan logo that embodies grace, beauty, and sophistication, ensuring your brand stands out in the market.

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Swan Works Logo

Symbolic meaning

From ancient times, swans have been symbols of chastity, purity, poetry, pride, and beauty. Also, the bird symbolizes affection and loyalty, goodness, and a happy life. The special shape of the necks of two swans facing each other resembles a heart. All this continues to inspire logo designers. The symbols of these proud birds suit different brands, from jewelry manufacturers to entertainment venues, from consulting companies to airlines.

City Of Swan Logo
Coffee Swan Logo
Unfinished Swan Logo
Swarovski Logo

Who uses it?

Swarovski chose a swan logo as a symbol of beauty, grace, nobleness, and purity. The logo of the Iranian airline Mahan Air is a symbolic image of a soaring swan. The logo of The Swan & Mallard restaurant went “viral” on the Internet: The designer managed to create a simple but exciting visual solution. The simple silhouette of this bird, drawn with literally two or three strokes, is on the Swan Works logo. SWAN Vehicle Co, specializing in special vehicle rental, has two bird silhouettes on its logo.

Mahan Air Logo
Swan Mallard Logo
Swan Vehicle Logo
Black Swan Logo

Which colors to choose?

White is a traditional color for the swan’s image on a logo. It symbolizes the qualities that were mentioned at the beginning of this article. Red is additionally used to highlight the beak. However, if you need to emphasize the uniqueness of the brand, the image of a black swan, a rare bird, will help. The color scheme can provide the right emphasis regarding the image of the company. If the use of traditional colors is not fundamental, you can choose other options: gold, blue, red, and any other that matches the brand identity.

Juliet Swan Logo
Northernswan Logo
Red Swan Logo
Nautorswan Logo

Which elements to choose?

The swan logo, in most cases, is based on the use of a recognizable silhouette of a bird with its head bowed on a long, curved neck. The second common option is an image of a flying swan. Given the high recognition, you may not draw the logo in detail: just a silhouette or an abstract image is possible. Of course, you can also add the image of a swan to letter logos: For example, combine the image of a soaring bird with a suitable letter in the brand name.

The Swan Logo
Swan Financial Logo
Unfinished Swan Logo
Swan Love ZenBusiness Logo

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