How to Create a Lizard Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The lizard symbolizes wisdom, inspiration, the ability to regenerate, immortality, health and safety, and resistance to difficulties. Lizards’ ability to grow their limbs is impressive and generates positive associations. The lizard logo is suitable for brands that want to demonstrate their resilience, strength, and strong market position. There are no restrictions on the business direction. The lizard logo can be used by a manufacturer, cafe, IT company, or any other project.

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Who uses it?

Audi Quattro, which is a family of rally cars with all-wheel drive, uses a gecko lizard in its logo. It has a deep symbolic meaning: Geckos can cling to any surface, just like the system allows you to firmly control the position of the car’s wheels on the road. The car manufacturer Wiesmann also brands its models with a lizard, giving it a similar symbolic meaning. A fairly accurate silhouette is depicted on the logo of the Lizard Juice brand. The company Lizard International, engaged in import and export operations, has the lizard drawn on a symbolic image of the globe.

Audi Quattro Logo
Lizard Juice Logo
Lizard International Logo
Lizard Health Technology Logo

Which elements to choose?

You should choose a recognizable silhouette of a lizard for a logo depicting this animal. It can be a distinctive body, four legs, and a long tail, with an oblong head on a long neck. Detailing is not always needed: The outlines of a lizard are enough to evoke the necessary associations. You can stylize the image and turn the lizard into a “humanized” one or just into a pretty character. This decision is relevant if it coincides with brand positioning. However, using a partial image of a lizard is difficult, as the audience will not always be able to recognize this particular animal.

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General recommendations

The color and style of the lizard logo need to be selected, focusing on the brand features in its niche. For example, it is appropriate to use stylized characters for companies that operate in the entertainment sector. The use of a lizard silhouette for a logo is quite common: The image is concise, but at the same time solid. If you choose a text logo, the lizard can be combined with it: For example, draw a reptile that “hugs” the letters. In general, there are no restrictions; you can use the symbol in accordance with the brand positioning.

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