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Beaver Papers Logo

Symbolic meaning

The beaver traditionally symbolizes hard work, craftsmanship, modesty, and vigilance. This is a positive image in every sense, respected in many cultures. Modern associations with the beaver are woodworking, construction, and production. Therefore, a logo with the image of a beaver is often chosen by industrial and construction companies. Another image of the animal is firmly connected to certain countries and settlements. This is the reason to use the beaver logo for branding cities, city sports clubs, and local companies.

Beaver Design Logo
Beaver Lead Logo
Beavers Logo
Beaver Mountain Logo

Who uses it?

The silhouette of the animal was used for the Beaver Mountain logo, perfectly promoting the brand of the ski complex. A cute drawing depicting the image of a builder was created for the Beaver construction company. Beaver Manufacturing uses a character for branding: A cheerful animal is dressed in overalls and holds a spool of thread in its paws.

Beaver Builder Logo
Beaver Manufacturing Logo
Beaver Builder Megamenu Logo
Green Beaver Logo

Which elements to choose?

For the beaver logo, the familiar details of the rodent image are chosen: the silhouette as a whole, the muzzle with recognizable protruding teeth, and a special oar-shaped tail. Represent a beaver based on the marketing objectives and brand philosophy. For example, the classic branding solution for a construction company is an animal in the image of a builder, in a helmet and in combination with similar elements. While working on the corporate character of a sports club, you can experiment with thematic details: balls, clubs, etc. Finally, you can simply use a silhouette to create a universal and minimalistic logo.

Beavers Portland Logo
Belching Beaver Logo
Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers Logo
Canada Logo

General recommendations

The beaver logo is designed using any acceptable color scheme. If you analyze ready-made logo options, you can notice the popularity of brown, gray, and yellow shades. You can complement this trend or choose corporate colors. The image of the rodent will remain recognizable. When working on the logo, you must consider the specifics of the company. By adding elements that indicate the scope of the brand, you can create a unique symbol.

Oregon State University Athletics Logo
Construction Llc Logo
Canadian Pacific Logo
Country Cottage ZenBusiness Logo

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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