How to Create a Puma Logo?

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Miami Еrace Logo

Symbolic meaning

American Indians made puma tattoos on those who were hereditary warriors. Later this tradition passed to today’s warriors.

Builders Logo
Carolina Panthers Logo
Chocolate Puma Logo
Black Panther Logo

What industries use?

Puma, like other representatives of felines, is chosen by those who are crazy about speed and dynamics, namely – bikers, racers, and stuntmen. It is this logo that can be found on the emblems of their many clubs and communities. Also sometimes, this animal is used in logos of small carrier airlines, hinting that the delivery will be quick and easy, like a cat jump.

Panther Logo
Lorem Ipsum Logo
Puma Air Logo
Pink Panthers Logo

How to choose the right elements?

Representing a large cat as a symbol of your company, please note that it is better to place only the animal’s head in a frame or circle. If you choose a puma in the jump, the frame will only mess it up. We recommend using a natural color for the animal. Cat’s fur combines well with black and burgundy, which can be used for the name and slogan.

Rudolf Puma Logo
Strike like a puma Logo
Puma Logo
Puma Logo

What companies use?

When you think of the predator, these companies come to mind: Puma, Puma Volkswagen, and hockey team NHL Florida Panthers.

Florida Panthers Logo
NHL Pumas Logo
Puma Travel Logo
Puma Freedom ZenBusiness Logo

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5 stars 15,320 reviews

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