How to Create a Jellyfish Logo?

Jellyfish Publishing Logo

Symbolic meaning

The jellyfish symbolizes leisure, calm, and, at the same time, constancy and continuous movement forward. It is also associated with grace, thoughtfulness, and contemplation. The jellyfish logo is chosen by companies whose activities are related to the sea and its products. However, this is not the only example. Restaurants and cafes, IT companies, media companies, and fashion manufacturers use the image of jellyfish for their branding. What’s important is that, in each case, the symbol gives brands separate, unique semantic meanings.

Jellyfish Brewing Company Logo
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Versace Logo

Who uses it?

The Versace brand logo is perhaps the most famous example, in which real and mythical images are combined. Giovanni Versace chose the Gorgon Medusa because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way out. A fairly detailed drawing is placed on the corporate sign of the Jellyfish Health brand. The Jellyfish Technologies logo resembles a hieroglyph but, at the same time, the image of a jellyfish is infused into the symbolism. A simple drawing with a special style forms the symbol of the Jellyfish Tech company.

Jellyfish Health Logo
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Jellyfish Tech Logo
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Which elements to choose?

The jellyfish logo is a characteristic silhouette that is easy to recognize. It typically features the upper part (resembling a dome or umbrella) and long tentacles. The room for experimentation here is small because the partial use of elements reduces recognition. Exceptions can be made by images created on the basis of jellyfish, or by logos combining the symbol and text. In this case, when generating ideas, one must avoid associations with corporate signs of other brands.

Jellyfish Logo
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General recommendations

In terms of the jellyfish logo color scheme, images are based mainly on shades of white, blue, and pink. A recognizable silhouette makes it possible to experiment with color. One can also use corporate colors for the logo. When creating a logo, you can use abstractions, stylizations, or unusual symbol combinations so long as they resemble the image of a jellyfish or create the necessary associations. This will help create a simple, unique, and memorable logo.

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