How to Create a Killer Whale Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The killer whale is a traditional symbol of travelers. In classical culture, it is associated with cheerfulness, prosperity, intelligence, abundance, love of freedom, and the ability to achieve goals. It is also associated with friendship. A cute marine mammal often becomes a friendly character on the children’s brand logos. A killer whale logo is suitable for marine companies, advertising agencies, media platforms, sports clubs, and teams. In general, it is a universal symbol that can be endowed with unique values.

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Who uses it?

The killer whale logo is used by the Kelliwood Killer Whales Swim Team. Three recognizable orca fins are depicted on the logo of the Orca Conservancy organization. The same visual solution (a fin drawing) was chosen for The Whale Museum branding. Silhouettes of killer whales and dolphins jumping over the waves are used as a corporate sign for Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari.

Whale Museum Logo
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Which colors to choose?

In most cases, a killer whale logo is black and white, in accordance with the real color scheme of the animal’s body. Keep in mind that an orca resembles other marine mammals, and without distinctive body colors it will be difficult to recognize this animal. On the other hand, this has its benefits: The logo will look equally good on a black-and-white letterhead and in the header of the site. At the same time, if the “killer whale” is in the brand name, the requirements for the color scheme are not so strict. In this case, color combinations can be completely unpredictable.

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General recommendations

A recognizable animal silhouette is used to create a killer whale logo. Smooth lines go well with different logo forms. Another option is to use the killer whale head with its distinctive coloring. When creating a character, brands often draw the shape of the mouth of the killer whale as a “smile”. This option is suitable if you want to emphasize goodwill. When developing text logos, you can play with the colors, add recognizable fins to the letters, or integrate the silhouette of the killer whale into one of the letters.

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