How to Create a Bee Logo?

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Roadbees Transport Logo

What companies use?

The striped insect is associated with fertility and diligence, order and frugality. The insect’s hard work does not go unnoticed, so a bee is a symbol of numerous carriers, for example, McAuley Transport Ltd, and the symbol of Dodge Ram Rumble Bee. The same feature, noticed by designers, has become the foundation for some cleaning brands that chose this symbol: Busy Bee, and Queen Bee Cleaning Service. Often the insect, like the emblem, decorates the flags of the manufacturers of medical products – Be Healthy. Also, bees can be found in the logo of sports teams (the Burlington Bees baseball team).

Busy Bee Logo
Queen Bee Cleaning Logo
Burlington Bees Logo
Made in Manchester Logo

How to choose the right elements?

It is most profitable to represent a symbol together with a honeycomb, then the image will be complete. You can even stylize insect wings under the honeycomb. Depending on the activities of the company, you can add cargo to the bee (for carriers) or a test tube or syringe (for honey companies).

Bee Logo
Bee Healthy Logo
Bee Joy Photography Logo
Bheep Logo

How to choose the right colors?

The combination of yellow and black will look great. It is advisable not to depart from the natural colors of the insect, but the decision is yours.

Honest Bee Logo
Lorem Ipsum Logo
Queen Bee Logo
Bee Feet ZenBusiness Logo

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5 stars 15,320 reviews

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