How to Create a Parrot Logo?

Discover how to create a vibrant parrot logo that captures the essence of color, intelligence, and charm, ensuring your brand stands out in the market.

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Symbolic meaning

A parrot is a colorful symbol that many people associate with cheerfulness. The birds’ bright plumage has led to its identification with beauty, a carefree nature, fun, and holidays. The parrot logo is suitable for brands in the niche of entertainment, catering, event planning, and holidays. Moreover, this logo can be used by media companies, shops, and other organizations if their image evokes direct associations with this vibrant bird.

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Who uses it?

The logo of the Parrot’s Taking Flight project did not use the image of a bird but took the most common colors of its plumage: green, blue, and yellow. A colorful macaw with spread wings is a corporate sign for Parrot World. The parrot’s head, which occupies the central part of the letter “o” in the text logo, is the visual branding solution for Parrot Products.

Parrot Products Logo
Janao Logo
Parrot Beach Logo
Developer Parrot Logo

Which colors to choose?

People expect bright colors in a parrot logo. The natural color of such birds is a riot of shades. For a logo, in most cases, this is consistent with brand positioning. The most common base colors for the image are red, green, yellow, blue, pale blue, and their shades. Similar options are appropriate for text logos: Styling the letters in the colors of the feathers of a parrot, you can create the necessary mood.

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Which elements to choose?

A logo of the parrot is primarily a recognizable image of a bright bird. The classic options are a parrot on a ring/branch or other surfaces, or a flying bird (or just a bird with wings spread). You can use the head of a parrot for the logo: The characteristic shape and special bend of the beak are recognizable, so there will be no problems with identification. You can also represent these birds schematically, with a few strokes or with the help of abstract elements. In this case, you need to have a recognizable color or shape of the head. Alternatively, you can embody the image of a bird in a text logo – for example, if one of the letters’ curls depicts a minimalistic profile of a parrot.

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