How to Create a Penguin Logo?

Learn how to create an adorable penguin logo that symbolizes charm, resilience, and playfulness, ensuring your brand stands out in the market.

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Symbolic meaning

The penguin is a cute and unusual bird. It is associated with family-friendliness, equality, constancy, self-confidence, and love for children. The penguin logo is universal; its rich semantic meaning allows the symbol to be used by different companies. It is suitable for manufacturers, IT brands, media products, and travel agencies. Associations with resistance to cold weather make it possible to use the penguin in logos for companies that manufacture or maintain climate equipment, as well as for brands that create warm clothes.

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Penguin Classics Logo
Penguin Club Logo
Club Penguin Logo

Who uses it?

The Polo Penguin logo is a minimalistic but well-known image that the Original Penguin brand uses for its T-shirts and other clothes. Another recognizable option is the text version of the Club Penguin logo, which promotes the children’s game from Disney. The cute Tux penguin image has been used by a Linux system for many years. A simple image made from several color strokes on a black background is the logo of Penguin Wealth Planners. A similar option, only on a white background and with a simplified design, is used by Penguin Strategies.

Polo Penguin Logo
Linux Logo
Penguin Wealth Planners Logo
Penguins Beer Logo

Which colors to choose?

For a penguin logo, choose a color scheme that matches the bird’s natural colors. This is a combination of black and white, with the addition of yellow and red. Basic colors can be changed using shades. If the penguin logo is depicted in a minimalist style, a monochromatic version is possible. However, it is important to keep the silhouette of the bird as recognizable as possible. Simple logos are made only with a combination of black and white colors.

Penguin Pick Up Logo
Penguin Random House Logo
Penguins Cookies Logo
Pittsburgh Penguins Logo

General information

The penguin logo is an ideal solution for a children’s brand. This character is enjoyed by a younger audience, causing positive associations. If the company operates in the niche of goods or services for adults, it is better to move away from “cuteness” in the logo and to create a neutral but recognizable image. However, abstractions are also allowed. The main thing is that the silhouette of the penguin should remain recognizable. You can use only the image of the bird’s head for the logo. It is important to focus on the features of brand positioning.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 16,032 reviews

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