How to Create a Duck Logo?

Discover how to create a distinctive duck logo that symbolizes adaptability, resourcefulness, and charm, making your brand truly memorable.

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Donald Duck Club Logo

Symbolic meaning

If we turn to direct associations, many people will imagine a delicious dish with a golden crust. Other people will find that this bird awakens their hunting instincts. As you can see, the duck is a very popular image. This means that there are a lot of fields of business in which a logo with this image will be appropriate – from hunting and fishing shops, restaurants, and cafes to transport and airline companies.

Duck Commander Logo
Duckdoc Logo
Duck Donuts Logo
Duck Duck Go Logo

Who uses it?

A white duck in a green bow tie is the symbol of the alternative search engine DuckDuckGo. The Slovak airline Quick Duck Airlines created a very nice logo: The capital letter Q was turned into a duck – apparently because it is not just a migratory bird but also one that flies wherever it wants. The duck is depicted on the logo of the Shot Duck Gear waterfowl shop. It is stylized as a harsh character of the so-called “shot duck.”

Quick Duck Logo
Shot Duck Gear Logo
Anaheim Ducks Logo
Downeast Ducks Logo

Which elements to choose?

A duck logo may include the whole bird, its recognizable silhouette, or its head. It is easy to recognize due to its distinctive beak shape. Your choice of the right option should be based on brand positioning. For example, to emphasize movement and determination, you can portray a flying bird. The restaurant business often uses the image of a well-fed, calmly sitting duck. Popular options for images are based on symbols. Ducks are turned into cute characters. A recognizable picture is also combined with the letters of the text logo.

Duck Logo
Duck TV Logo
Love Duck Logo
Oregon Duck Logo

Which colors to choose?

Brands often choose a classic color scheme for a logo with this bird: shades of gray, white, and brown for the image of a duck, or green, black, and red to create the image of a mallard. Recognition of the bird’s silhouette allows you to experiment with the gamut and not adhere to traditional colors. The use of a bird silhouette painted in one color or one or two gradients is popular. You must choose the right option, focusing on the brand’s general style.

Noisy Duck Logo
The Fuzzy Duck Logo
Town Duck Logo
Duck Hunting ZenBusiness logo

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