How to Create an Eagle Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

ОAn eagle is considered a symbol for the sun, spirit, height, liberation, and freedom. Back in the day, an eagle often appeared on coats of arms of noble families and kingdoms. Even now, a two-headed bird of prey with spread wings — a symbol for absolute power – can be seen on national flags and coins.

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What industries use?

As for the business world, an eagle is a common choice among security agencies, apparel manufacturers, and construction companies. Speed is another characteristic of this freedom-loving bird which explains its popularity among car industry players.

Eagle Fustar Logo
Eagle Logo
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How to choose the right elements?

An eagle and a cage are two incompatible things. Don’t even try to put this predator into a geometric shape! Our tip is to use blurry lines as they won’t restrict the bird’s movements and give your icon a vintage feel. Instead of an entire bird, you can only put an eagle’s head on your emblem. If you want to draw attention to movement and speed, you should depict a flying bird.When creating a color palette for your eagle logo, take one step at a time. Explore the shades of blue to create associations with the sky which is the predator’s home. Also, you can’t go wrong with golden, red and black, the colors of royalty. It’s better not to take any risks and steer clear of yellow, green, white, and a few other popular hues.

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What companies use?

Check out the eagle logos used by such big-name car brands as Bentley, Harley Davidson, football team Georgia Southern Eagles, and clothing brand American Eagle Outfitters. We truly think that the creative ideas behind these emblems are gold. Kudos to the designers!

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5 stars 15,334 reviews

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