How to Create a Phoenix Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

A phoenix is an ancient symbol that often appeared on medieval coats of arms and armorials. Plus, it was one of the multiple symbols of monarchy and absolute power. For example, the notorious Mary Stuart used a phoenix as her personal emblem. Alchemists used the bird of fire to identify their mysterious scientific practices.

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Mary Stuart Logo
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Liverpool Football Club Logo

What industries use?

Nowadays, the image of a phoenix is used by art-related organizations, pharmacies, sports clubs and teams, telecom providers, investment companies, and production enterprises. For example, a firebird has become a mascot of Wellington Phoenix FC and FOHOW Technology Investment Group. On the logo of the Liverpool football club, you can see a mythical creature named Liver.

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How to choose the right elements?

Whether to use an entire bird or its part or attribute (head, wind, beak, fiery shadow, etc.) depends on your design concept. How do you paint your phoenix? There are several ways to go. For the bird’s head, breast and back, use the shades of red (scarlet, mahogany, crimson, etc.) and golden. As for the wings, you can play around with a more diverse color palette, including black, white, green, fiery red, and yellow.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,656 reviews

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