How to Create an Angel Logo?

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Anaheim Angels Logo

Symbolic meaning

Angel symbolizes higher spirituality, purity and intercession. In biblical subjects, the spirits are portrayed as winged, armed with a flaming wheel and a sword, that they used to defend the righteous and punish the sinners. An angel wing, spread over the name of the company, symbolizes its protection and success.

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Angel Grace Logo
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Arch Angels Logo

How to choose the right colors?

Bridal boutiques can use an image of a happy Cupid, framed by light clouds. A corporate vector logo is best portrayed as light, so it is not always appropriate to burden it with excess colors. Try to limit yourself to white, notes of black for the outlines and all shades of blue. If you need a warlike symbol, add the colors of leather and metal.

Guardian Angel Logo
Sv Angel Logo
Touch Angel Logo
Aston Martin Logo

What companies use?

Aston Martin has successfully been using the elements of the angelic image, which provided the logo with wings, hinting at the speed of the cars. Christian churches use wings to convey the power of the Higher Forces. Americans from Hells Angels biker club attached a wing of an angel to the skull (it was the emblem of the eponymous fighter squadron during World War II). As we can see, an angel is a universal symbol and it can be used in various areas (from business to art).

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 16,108 reviews

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