How to Create a Star Logo?

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Major tips

In logo design, the image of a star is not exclusive to a limited number of industries which makes it a versatile symbol. It can be seen on the emblems of military agencies, clothing brands, musicians, etc. This inspirational symbol has a wide range of applications. By putting a star inside a circle, you can draw the attention away from its acute angles and make the overall composition look more subtle. For a children’s toys store, try a multi-colored star to give your logo a friendly feel. If you own a coffee shop, use a golden pentagram to make your loyal clients love your place even more!

Star Alliance Logo
Western Star Logo
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How to choose the right elements?

If you have a few worthy ideas about additional geometry on your logo, feel free to bring them to life. A star works well with different geometric shapes, a circle in particular. At the same time, a star looks just as good on its own, without any embellishments and excessive graphic content.

Community Star Logo
Rising Star Logo
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How to choose the right colors?

Unless your brand personality requires it, avoid painting your star black. Some smart color choices include red, yellow, blue, golden, and silver. Take the time to find the best combination that reflects the identity of your project! We’ve noticed that car manufacturers have a weak spot for starry logos. Think about Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, and Subaru.

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