How To Create a Sky Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The sky is traditionally associated with serenity, cleanness, and romance. The sky can be different, though. There is the daytime sky with the sun and fluffy clouds. And there is the night sky with myriads of twinkling stars high above your head.

Abstract Heaven Logo
Blue Sky Air Logo
Sky Logo
Nasa Logo

What industries use?

Satellites and stars can be frequently seen on the logos of research organizations. For example, the NASA logo features an orbital path and white stars. During the last decade, big IT companies (Azure, Oracle, VMWare, etc.) have been increasingly using the image of a cloud to identify ground-breaking cloud services. Companies selling sleep products and accessories tend to use the night sky in their visual language.

Azure Logo
Oracle Logo
VMWare Logo
Sky Castle Logo

How to choose the right colors?

If you’ve opted for the image of a sun or cloud, consider painting your emblem with shades of light blue and yellow. If your logo features the night sky, use navy blue for the background and white for the text. Black and red will work great for any text, whether it’s a company name or motto. As for geometric shapes, a circle is the best way to symbolize the all-inclusiveness of the universe.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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