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Creating a powerful and distinctive axe logo can elevate your brand, capturing its rugged spirit and strength.

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General information

It’s a known fact that the rudimentary prototypes of the modern axe were used thousands of years ago by our ancestors who learned to attach a pointed stone to a straight stick. With time, an axe got two main applications. Firstly, it was used for cutting wood. Secondly, it was a weapon used by ancient warriors across different cultures. Nowadays, an axe is mostly associated with wood production.

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What brands use an axe logo?

An axe logo is generally used by companies involved in wood production and processing, construction of wooden houses and other structures, etc. A visual symbol like this will also look appropriate on logos of woodsmen competitions, historical reconstructions, military events, etc. A stylized axe is an ideal graphic solution for a club or community of military weapons enthusiasts.

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What images to choose?

Your choice of graphics depends on your industry and brand personality. An axe in its traditional depiction is mostly used by companies engaged in wood production and processing. As an additional symbol, opt for a beam or tree trunk. Two crossed axes (axe and saw, sometimes) make another popular symbol. Battleaxe will look spectacular on a logo of a weapon manufacturing company or military-themed event. By pairing an axe and warrior (e.g., a viking), you can come up with a clever emblem for a sports club or community.

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What colors to choose?

Axe icon will look great in natural shades of grey, brown, beige, golden, and black. Other options include white, red, and orange. To create a simple design, pair an axe with 1-2 main colors or put a black hand-drawn axe against white background. The fact that an axe is an easily recognized symbol gives you the freedom to use the hues of your choice. However, if you have an established corporate palette, it will work for your axe emblem just fine.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,659 reviews

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