How to Create a Hummingbird Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The hummingbird is associated with beauty, tenderness, and lightness. The smallest bird in the world is difficult to catch, so it symbolizes agility and speed. In the cultures of some peoples, the bird is considered the embodiment of joy, love of life, energy, strength, and the ability to cope with any difficulty. The hummingbird logo is suitable for brands that want to highlight their non-standard approach and the ability to solve complex problems. This is a universal symbol: It can be used on the logos of IT products, cosmetic brands, creative projects, and even manufacturing companies.

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Who uses it?

Ian Fleming’s (the author of books about James Bond) publisher recently changed the logo from the numbers 007 to the image of a hummingbird. Fleming adored Jamaica, where the hummingbird is the national bird. Kolibri, a web development company, uses a logo that embodies the phenomenally fast movement of the small bird’s wings. For the financial platform Hummingbird, an image of a bird was drawn with only a few simple, concise lines. A simple silhouette with gradient color transitions is on the logo of the Hummingbird IT brand.

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Which colors to choose?

The modern hummingbird logo is predominantly a monophonic symbol without a detailed drawing. The bird has a well-recognized silhouette, so it can be depicted in a minimalist style. If the brand image requires details and colors, a hummingbird is the best image for this. A bird can be depicted using its natural coloring or a brighter color scheme to make it more noticeable. The combination of a bright hummingbird and a tropical flower also looks good.

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Which elements to choose?

Classic hummingbird images on logos are flying birds or a bird drinking the nectar of a flower. The image of a hummingbird in motion is justified, as this is its natural image. For brands, the hummingbird is valuable for its strong semantic load. To achieve recognition at first sight, you can use individual elements – for example, the bird’s head in combination with the image of a flower. If the logo is textual, you can apply “tropical” shades for the font or include the features of the characteristic plumage of the bird in the letters’ texture.

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