How to Create a Bull Logo?

Learn how to design a powerful bull logo that captures strength, determination, and boldness, ensuring your brand stands out.

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Meritor Logo

Symbolic meaning

This animal symbolizes invincible power, persistence, sacrifice, and self-denial. Power and strength are the qualities that designers intend the bull logo to have.

Grand Bull Cargo Logistics Logo
Road Bull Logo
Larkana Bulls Logo
Lamborghini Logo

How to choose the right elements?

As a symbol of power and strength, a longhorn should not be “chained” in a frame, but if you have to do it, think about the size. Red Bull selected two cattle, Chicago Bulls – a head of a raging Taurus. Although each company is engaged in different business areas, what brings them closer is the character that the image reflects.

Trecento Logo
Running Bulls Logo
Oktoberfest Craft Beer Logo
Red Bull Logo

How to choose the right colors?

Companies that design this kind of logo most often go for a combination of red and black that enhances rage and courage, although Feruccio Lamborghini depicted a golden longhorn on his emblem. This symbol is often used by logistics companies – cargo carriers like Grand Bull Cargo Logistics, Meritor, Road Bull Logistics. Lamborghini, a supercar manufacturer, placed a Taurus on the logo as it originally manufactured heavy trucks.

Chicago Bulls Logo
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Star Bulls Logo

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