How to Create a Rhino Logo?

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Rhinoceros Logo

Symbolic meaning

The rhinoceros is a symbol of strength, unbridled emotions, power, self-confidence, security, and safety. The rhino image is associated with the animal’s natural behavior. The rhino logo is recommended for sports teams and security companies. Such logos are also chosen by law firms, bars, and restaurants. It is enough to introduce a non-standard solution when creating a symbol, and it can be used for branding various art agencies and IT companies.

Black Rhino Logo
Blue Rhino Logo
Red Rhino Fireworks Logo

Who uses it?

A red rhino is used as a logo by the holiday fireworks manufacturer of the same name. The character on the logo is a muscular and extremely confident male of red color. A very simple, thin-line design was created for Rhino New York’s branding. The image of the animal on the Rhino Staging logo resembles a cave drawing: It has simple, slightly careless lines. As for Rhino Africa, the company developed a brand name with a detailed silhouette. An image of an animal appears in the abstract Rhino Hyde logo.

Rhino NY Logo
Rhino Staging Logo
Rhino Africa Logo
Rhino Extreme Logo

Which colors to choose?

The rhino logo is developed using different color options. This is the case when a suitable color scheme is determined not by a symbol but by the brand philosophy or already approved corporate colors. If the company name includes a characteristic of the animal (for example, “Black Rhinoceros”), it can determine the variant of the primary color. If you analyze the logo, you will find that the most common colors and shades are as follows: red, blue, white, black, and gray.

RhinoDot Logo
Rhino Hyde Logo
Rhino Lan Wengi Logo
Spearmint Rhino Logo

Which elements to choose?

The distinctive horn is a key element of the rhino image. Therefore, the logo can depict either the silhouette of an animal or its head with a horn: full-face or in profile. The options for drawing are different: from a sketchy image to a detailed drawing or turning a rhino into a character. In the latter case, the image is complemented by the expression of the necessary emotions, elements of clothing, etc. You can experiment with combinations of simple characters that will provide visual similarity to a rhino. A recognizable horn or silhouette can also be placed on the text format of the logo.

Rhino Leeds Logo
Rhino Rack Logo
Rhino Strong Energy Logo
Predator ZenBusiness logo

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