How to Create a Whale Logo?

Learn how to create a captivating whale logo that embodies majesty, strength, and tranquility, ensuring your brand stands out in the market.

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Whale Bar Logo

Symbolic meaning

A whale is associated with calm, majesty, and wisdom. This is a strong symbolic meaning. It has evolved significantly because the image of the whale was negative before. As the knowledge of mankind has grown, that opinion has changed. The large size of the animal is a fertile ground for creating and playing with various images. The whale logo is suitable not only for companies directly related to the sea. Other brands also often use this strong image – from coffee shops to trade organizations.

Blue Whale Logo
Blue Whale Poker Bar Logo
Happy Stories Logo
Docker Vector Logo

Who uses it?

The logo of the Docker Enterprise business platform is a floating whale, which resembles a sea barge with containers. Salty Paper Design Studio uses a whale image resembling an origami craft for its branding. Marine Mammal Center is also promoted with a whale logo. The Pink Whale Boutique, which sells women’s clothing, includes this mammalian silhouette in its corporate pink color as an emblem. A similar option, but with a different color scheme, is depicted on the logo of the Whale manufacturer (the brand belongs to Munster Simms Engineering).

Salty Paper Logo
Marine Mammal Center Logo
Pink Whale Logo
Blue Whale Mirissa Logo

Which colors to choose?

The most obvious solution for a whale logo would be the color of the water: blue or pale blue. Gray and deep green are also appropriate. However, this is not a call to action. A recognizable animal image can be used in any color scheme. For example, if a whale is used for the logo of a cafe, you can use a light color scheme that matches its image. However, a logo with a whale for a marine company is better to develop, taking into account traditional and expected shades.

Whale Bay Logo
Whale Cloud Logo
Whale Journeys Logo
Dental Whale Logo

Which elements to choose?

A whale logo is an exact or schematic representation of an animal or its parts. For example, you can use the recognizable shape of a whale’s tail, a head with a distinctive “smile,” or even a steam fountain for the logo. A well-known and popular image does not require detailed drawing; therefore, it fits the modern desire for minimalism in logos. The combination of a whale image with other symbols is widespread – for example, a heart-shaped whale, a whale with sea containers on its back, a whale in a cook’s hat, etc.

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Whale And Dolphin Logo
Whale Munster Simms Engineering Logo
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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 16,032 reviews

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