How to Create a Shrimp Logo?

Discover how to create a unique shrimp logo that embodies resilience, adaptability, and distinctiveness, making your brand truly memorable.

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General information

Logo containing a shrimp image indicates the business area of the company. The peculiarity of creating such logos is that the color scheme choice has to be efficient in order for the corporate image to be bright, stimulate appetite and be associated with the specific company.

Big Shrimp Logo
Blue Shrimp Logo
Buba Camaron Logo
Sea Island Shrimp House Logo

Major tips

The image for such logo can be very detailed with clearly traced outlines. It will be suitable for Mediterranean cuisine restaurants or fish dish delivery service. For a company that produces goods from shrimp or fish a schematic single-color image of a shrimp will work better. The image should look as if it was drawn in one continuous motion of a hand.

Holy Shrimp Logo
Just Shrimp Logo
KCO Shrimp Logo
Shrimp Daddy Logo

How to choose the right elements?

The preferred color scheme is white and pink or orange and red. The background has to be light and the framing of the image should be round as the curved shrimp looks better in such frame than in a square one. There is no recommendations as to preferred font and its color. It is important that the inscription is distinct and easy to read.

QG Hatchery Logo
Pacific Fiesta Logo
Shore Logo
American Shrimp Company Logo

What companies use?

The best examples of logos of this type are corporate images of Shrimpalliance, Seafood: fast cooking & delivery and Shrimps Bar & Restaurant, Anna Marie Shrimp, and Shrimpmania.

Shrimp Bowl Logo
Shrimp Ireland Logo
Texas Shrimp Logo
Fresh Prawns ZenBusiness Logo

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Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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