How to Create a Rat Logo?

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Lax Goalie Rat Logo

Symbolic meaning

Traditional rat associations are not very pleasant. However, if you analyze world culture, you will see that the animal appears in a new light. For example, in Asia, the rat is perceived as a symbol of good luck, wealth, and happiness, the personification of rational enterprise, prosperity, and natural charm. These qualities can be emphasized by choosing a rat logo for the brand. An animal can become a symbol for an IT company, a store, a car repair shop, or a manufacturer of cutting tools (in this case, the emphasis is on the matchless qualities of a rodent). This proves once again that the rat is a universal character for branding a business.

Grunge Rat Logo
Hood Rat Logo
M Rat Logo
Sewer Rat Logo

Who uses it?

The enterprising rat has become a symbol for many auto repair shops. An example of this is the logo for the American company Rat Rod. A cleaning company from Minneapolis, “Ron the Sewer Rat”, uses a special rat character, Ron the plumber. The well-known knife manufacturer Rat Folder Club stylized the silhouette of a rat, turning it into a folding knife. The Rat & Dragon company logo depicts the silhouettes of the characters of the same name. In the combined logo for the manufacturer RatRig, the drawn rodent’s face is half-hidden behind the first letter of the name.

Rat Rods Logo
Rat Folder Club Logo
Rat Dragon Logo
Rat Parrot Logo

Which elements to choose?

When developing the rat logo, it is important to avoid the negative associations that the animal traditionally has in society. Therefore, the symbol is made to be cute, neutral, or stylized. The rat is turned into a character and “dressed”; elements are added to it, indicating the specifics of the company. In the text-symbol logo, the silhouette of the animal is placed directly in the font or added to the inscription. Minimalistic images composed of abstract elements or drawn with one single line are also in demand. They correspond to the current trend of logo simplification.

Rat Look Logo
Rat Worx  Logo
River Rats Logo
Rat Rig Logo

Which colors to choose?

The rat logo is developed using colors close to the natural color of the animal: white with shades of gray. However there are no set restrictions, and the choice depends on the specifics of the image. If it is a silhouette, you can choose the main color with 1-2 gradients. If the rat is a character, the gamut may be richer, with bright colors. Examples are a brightly decorated rat as a symbol of a children’s brand or a logo with this animal for a car repair shop, with calm, neutral tones.

2020 Rat Logo
Rat Lab Logo
Rat Queens Logo
Art Museum ZenBusiness logo

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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