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Fire Ants Logo

Symbolic meaning

The ant symbolizes organization, industriousness, and enterprise. In certain cultures, it is associated with orderliness, peace, and love for your land. The image also identifies prudence, the ability to save, foresight, and stock. In general, an ant is associated with a large number of positive qualities; therefore it is suitable as a central element of the logo. It can be chosen by brands that want to emphasize hard work, perfect organization, and other advantages.

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Ant Online Logo

Who uses it?

One of the most famous examples is the ant on the logo of the WebMoney payment service. The brand comes from the 90s, when the system developers presented the Internet in the form of an anthill, where users interact with each other. The image of the ant was also used by musicians; the band Prodigy has such a logo. It embodies the bustle in which the artists had to work. The insect head is depicted on the logo of the Ant Spanish project, specializing in online accounting. Ant Financial created a character to promote the technological brand.

Webmoney Ant Logo
Prodigy Logo
Ant Financial Logo
Ant Solutions Logo

General recommendations

The ant logo usually emphasizes the qualities with which a recognizable image is directly associated: a love for work, readiness for complex tasks, and determination. This makes the symbol universal for many brands. The ant can carry heavy loads; therefore, it is often chosen for the logos of transport companies. You can use a symbol to emphasize sociability or to generally symbolize communication (for example, for telecom operators or providers).

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Ant Audio Logo

Which colors to choose?

Classic colors (black, red, or brown with their shades) are usually chosen for an ant logo. However, at the same time, a recognizable image is well-perceived in any color scheme. Therefore, you can apply brighter solutions or warm shades. In particular, many brands use orange, which is noticeable and positively perceived. If you analyze logo examples, you can note other common color schemes: shades of green, blue, and yellow. In text-symbolic logos, a bright font is combined with a neutral (for example, gray) color of the symbol or vice versa.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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