How to Create an Owl Logo?

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Night Owl

General information

An owl is an intriguing creature of many faces. Wise and prudent, an owl is a common symbol of educational organizations and services. At the same time, the bird is a dangerous predator which makes it an ideal mascot for sports teams and hunting clubs. The bird can rotate its head 270°and has a sharp eyesight.

Bliss Capital Logo
Owl Wisdom Logo
Father Owl Logo
Warren Wilson College Owls Logo

Major tips

If you own an optical shop or ophthalmology clinic, you should consider placing the owl’s big eyes on your logo. What your owl will look like depends on your business and brand message. If you are an educational facility, your bird should look reserved and serene. An owl logo for Warren Wilson College is a great example of how you can tame the bird of prey. If your owl represents a sports team, you should give it a more aggressive look. This is how you show your rivals that your team is a serious contender.

Hoot Studios Logo
School Owl Logo
Addictionwise Logo
Screech Owls Logo

How to choose the right colors?

As far as colors are concerned, both single-color and multi-colored emblems are fine. If you’ve opted for a diverse color palette, play around with brown, yellow, golden, red, white, blue, and grey.

Collingwood Fighting Owls Logo
Kennesaw State Athletics Primary Logo
Columbus Owls Logo
Hooters Raptors

What companies use?

Check out how Toronto Ice Owls, Screech Owls, Columbus Owls, and Kennesaw State Owls are using the predator to draw attention to their competitive advantages. The Hooters restaurant has stylized the double “O” in its name as the owl’s eyes. It’s a great example of a matching company name and logo! Drawn in all detail, the predator looks more like a fully-fledged picture rather than an icon! White Owl, a renowned cigar producer, has placed its owl on a cigar instead of a tree branch. And finally, the world-famous TripAdvisor emblem features the owl’s eyes, as if saying that the online platform knows and sees everything.

Trip Advisor Logo
White Owl Logo
the Owl Logo
Day Night Logo

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5 stars 15,320 reviews

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