How to Create a Turkey Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The turkey (as a dish) is a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving and dietary cuisine. Therefore, most logos with this bird are used by brands specializing in growing turkeys and meat supplies. In general, the bird is associated with fertility – a meaning endowed to it by the American Indians. A turkey logo is suitable for farms, restaurants, cafes, and meat producers. There are a few examples of the use of this image for branding other companies.

Beer Gobbler Logo
Gobbler Hockey Logo
Marys Logo
Jack Wills Logo

Who uses it?

The famous logo of Turkey Hill is used by the manufacturer of cold desserts. “Turkey” remained in the name, but because the company does not specialize in meat production, there is no bird in the logo. Instead, a farm is depicted. The alcohol brand Wild Turkey has a detailed image of a bird. Silhouettes of three birds are depicted on the logo for the National Wild Turkey Federation. The Jack Wills brand logo has a character based on a turkey image. Nowadays, the company uses a concise image of this bird’s head.

Turkey Hill Logo
Wild Turkey Logo
National Wild Turkey Federation Logo
Dixie Fowl Company Logo

Which elements to choose?

A turkey logo, in the traditional sense, is a symbolic or detailed image of a well-known bird. The logo often depicts a male turkey with a loose tail to create a clearer association. The distinctive shape of the head and beak makes it possible to use only the profile of the bird. To enhance the image, additional elements matching the brand philosophy are used: caring hands, a rural landscape, etc. The recognizable image of a bird allows you to design a logo using abstract elements.

Michigan Turkey Logo
Tom Turkey Gear Logo
Turkey Farm Logo
Inspired Turkey Logo

General recommendations

For their logos, brands usually use the traditional silhouette of a turkey, drawing it in detail or schematically. The color scheme is usually classic: white shades for the body, red and pink for the head. However, there are many successful examples of logos using turkeys conveyed in a rainbow of hues to achieve an interesting result. If a manufacturer of meat products needs a logo, it is important to emphasize environmental friendliness and naturalness in the image. With the help of such a logo, you can turn a bird into a recognizable character.

Turkey Giveaway Logo
Turkey Team Logo
Turkey Trot Logo
Wild Beer Gobbler ZenBusiness logo

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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