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Symbolic meaning

Nowadays, a witch has lost its negative meaning almost completely. Now it rather stands for adventure, mysticism, courage, and challenge. The great cultural heritage allows us to give different meanings to this interesting image. The image of a witch is a sought-after symbol among many businesses, including shops, cafés, equipment manufacturers, and IT developers.

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What brands use a witch logo

In the logo for Wicked Witch Software, a renowned video game developer, you can see a classic witch in a pointed hat riding a broomstick. The manufacturer of excavating machines Ditch Witch uses a similar approach to its branding. Only this time, the dramatic image of a witch is enhanced by the crescent moon. The coffee shop The Kitchen Witch Company uses a cartoonish witch as its charming mascot. The logo for Sister Witch Company catches your attention with plenty of refined elements, lines, and scrolls. The sporting event Witch Run uses a witch hat an the focal element of its branding.

Wicked Witch Software Logo
Ditch Witch Logo
Sister Witch Company Logo
Bloomin Witch Logo

What images to choose

Opt for the distinctive items which are traditionally associated with witches, such as a broom, pointed hat, black cat, pot, magical potions, etc. The witch can be depicted in different ways. It can be playful and charming or, on the contrary, a little nasty. The choice is yours! On top of that, you can turn a witch into your company’s mascot. It’s a great solution for a café, amusement park, event agency, and other businesses.

Witch Run Logo
Worst Witch Logo
Witch Witch Logo
Sabrina Logo

What colors to choose

The traditional color scheme for a witch logo consist of black and white. Other colors are also appropriate, mostly dark ones. Also, feel free to pair your main colors with yellow (stands for moon and stars), blue, and purple (stand for nighttime and twilight sky). To make your design as soft and delicate as possible, we recommend using light shades that transcend a strong connection with nature.

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Logos created by ZenBusiness

Before you start creating, you can familiarize yourself with the works of our users.

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