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Symbolic meaning

A window is traditionally associated with a passage leading to another world. If you think of a house as a person, windows will be their eyes. Shut windows stand for safety, while open windows are associated with all things new and exciting. A window with a light in it is a symbol of hope. Modern logos use window imagery to create both metaphorical and literal connotations.

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What brands use a window logo

When thinking about a window logo, the first emblem that comes to mind is that of the Windows operating system. It has not one but four windows in it, which stands for multi-tasking, versatility, and high efficiency. The Window & Door Manufacturers Association uses a simple logo consisting of four rectangles. A similar visual solution can be seen on the Window Film Depot emblem. The Caddy Windows company relies on a sketchy door as its main branding element. The logo of All Weather Windows highlights the advantages of the company’s products, such as resistance to UV, low temperatures and moisture.

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What images to choose

It’s pretty hard to craft a unique design solution based on the image of a window. Most of the time, a window is depicted as a rectangle divided by several straight or curvy lines. You can create an elaborate drawing or opt for thin, sketchy lines. Keep in mind that a window doesn’t need to have a rectangular form. It can be an oval or circle. The shape depends on the message you want to send to your potential clients. Also, think about whether your window will be open or closed.

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What colors to choose

For window glass, designers tend to use shades of blue. For a frame, the best color options include white, yellow, beige, and brown. If you’re trying to convey the metaphorical meaning behind a window, it might be a good idea to play around with brighter hues. For example, blue, red, green, and yellow in the Windows logo stand for the company’s key products. While providing protection, a window lets sunlight and information inside the house. To highlight this meaning, be sure to use airy and warm hues.

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