How To Create a Circle Logo?

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Symbolic meaning

The circle is a geometric figure, widely used in various symbolism. It expresses the idea of ​​unity, integrity and supreme perfection. The circle in combination with other figures and symbols forms a wide range of symbolic and emblematic associations. A round logo carries a deep sense of harmony and order, so it is often found in various emblems.

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What companies use?

One of the most famous round logos can be seen on the products of the Bavarian motor car factory BMW. Divided into four sectors, where the silvery white color alternates with the sky-blue inside the black rim, this logo creates the appearance of a rotating propeller.

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How to choose the right elements?

A circle corporate symbol is recommended to be used in such areas as banking, finance, accounting, government agencies, architecture, IT technologies.In a business environment, it is better to use stable and strong colors of blue and green shades. In other areas, an intuitively appropriate color is used.

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