How To Create An Orange Logo?

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Major tips

As you probably know, a logo must perform an aesthetic function and communicate the important information about your business. Before choosing a color scheme for your emblem, take the time to consider and analyze the features and advantages of your products or services.

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Symbolic meaning

Have you ever thought that colors can convey emotions and shape our mood? Take the color orange, for example. Joyful and optimistic, this shade is often used as an antidepressant. Orange is the mix of the passionate red and the sunny yellow. Orange is the color of fire, movement, speed, and motivation. There is no other hue that urges to action as vigorously as orange.

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What industries use?

Orange will become a true embellishment to logos of sports teams and other sports-related projects. There’s one thing to consider, though. While good at catching attention, this cheerful color struggles at retaining it. If you’re selling food (fast food, in particular), don’t hesitate to choose orange!

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