How To Create a Yellow Logo?

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General information

Whether you want it or not, corporate logos affect our emotional state on an unconscious level. Out of all logo elements, we’re the most susceptible to logo colors. If you make the effort of studying the basics of color psychology, you can use your logo’s color scheme to your advantage.

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Symbolic meaning

For example, yellow is synonymous with being young and carefree. Affecting the right cerebral hemisphere, yellow boosts abstract and creative thinking. This is the color of the sun, pleasure, and movement. If your goal is to relax your potential customers, you should steer clear of this shade. If, however, you want to urge them to action, you can’t do better than yellow!

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What industries use?

You should consider a yellow logo for design bureaus and other creative organizations. The color of sunshine, yellow is a great solution for a travel agency that sells holiday packages to warm countries. Sports facilities, food stores, and cafés are other projects that can use the benefits of yellow.

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