How to Create a Logo with an Orange?

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Symbolic meaning

In the culture of many countries, orange is associated with fertility, love, and family. It is considered a symbol of energy, enthusiasm, joy, celebration, and a lively atmosphere. This is due mostly to its bright color, sweet taste, and interesting texture. A logo with an orange can be chosen by a young brand, a company focused on creative and youthful audiences, an entertainment project, or an IT organization. The universality of the symbol and its meanings contributes to the diversity of its use.

Agent Orange Logo
Big Orange Solar Logo
Fresh Orange Logo
Orange County Convention Center Logo

Who uses it?

A simple orange circle and the silhouette of two leaves on top is the stylish logo of the Mexican brand of clothing Orange. A very similar option, though with a bold line and a single leaf, was chosen for the Orange Investments logo. A detailed drawing of the fruit placed in a square frame is the logo of the Orange County Government. Two crescents, complemented by a leaf drawing, constitute the Orange County Convention Center emblem. All of the logos listed are painted in orange, which increases recognition.

Orange Clothing Logo
Orange Investments Logo
Orange County Government Logo
Juicy Films logo

Which colors to use?

The answer seems obvious: To design a logo with an orange, you must choose a bright orange color and warm shades. This is justified because the symbol is bright, noticeable, and associated with joy and optimism. At the same time, having depicted recognizable details of the fruit, you can move away from the traditional color palette. In such cases, any solution is allowed: for example, black on white. Designers often combine orange with white: for example, to visually separate the symbolic and textual parts of a logo.

Juise Meeting Logo
Orange Clothes Logo
Orange Juice Logo
Crush Logo

Which elements to use?

A logo with an orange can be depicted in the classic version, i.e., in the form of the fruit with or without leaves. The option of displaying a symbol in a cross-section is popular, so that the distinctive slices are visible. Modern design requires brevity, so logos move away from traditional recognizable forms. In such cases, the logo is based on the color of the fruit. You can also “turn” other elements into an orange: for example, two hands held together or transport wheels. Transformation of the citrus fruit into a character is allowed: It is enough to add the necessary elements (eyes, smile, etc.). However, keep in mind that a logo should correspond to the key semantic meaning of the brand.

Orange Motion Logo
Orange Zoom Logo
Simply Orange Logo
Fruit id ZenBusiness logo

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Blood Orange ZenBusiness logo
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Shades of Orange ZenBusiness logo
Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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