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General information

A logo is not just a small sign on a perfume bottle. This symbol has a deep meaning. It allows clients to recognize your brand among hundreds of other businesses. It emphasizes your goals, mission, and values. It also reveals the type of your product (premium, mass market, seasonal, etc.). Perfume logos come in all shapes and sizes, including logotypes, logomarks, and combination marks.

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What brands use a perfume logo

One of the most famous perfume emblems is that of Chanel. It features two overlapping letters C. The logo is concise, easy to remember, and inspiring. Infact, it’s a textbook example of a clever corporate design. A similar solution is used by the Fendi brand. Its emblem features two letters F. Guerlain has a text-based logo, with a beautiful curly graphic that hides letters G. The Hermès logo depicts a horse and a trainer. It’s a smart hint at the company backstory, when Hermès was mostly known as a manufacturer of harnesses. If you study the market, you’ll see that many perfume brands prefer logotypes (Dior, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, etc.).

Chanel Logo
Guerlain Logo
Hermès Logo
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What images to choose

You can choose from a plethora of graphic elements. Manufacturers with a long history tend to emphasize the heritage through monograms, patterns, and elements of coats of arms. New brands craft bold abstract compositions, smart visual effects with hidden meanings, and intricate monograms. Regardless of your choice, it is important to be concise. Since a perfume bottle is small, your logo must be clean, catchy, and recognizable.

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Hugo Boss Logo
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Master Perfume Logo

What colors to choose

The color scheme for your perfume logo depends on your market positioning and target audience. If your brands targets young people, you should focus on vibrant colors and unusual shades. Classic manufacturers trust classic black and white gamuts. It’s a surefire way to stress your loyalty to tradition. For premium products, explore shades of black, golden, and raspberry red. To distinguish your product among competitors, try green, brown, and purple.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars 15,363 reviews

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