Store names: Original Examples & Tips

  1. Seven tips for cool store naming
  2. Examples of unusual store names
  3. How to harmoniously use the name in branding

The main requirements for the store name are simplicity, originality, and versatility. With such a name, it will be easier for you to express yourself and be remembered by customers. In the article, you will learn how to come up with a good name and how to be inspired.

Seven tips for cool store naming 

The bad news is that there is no formula for coming up with a beautiful and original store name. The good news is that we have prepared tips, creative tricks, and useful services to help you in the creative process.

1. Focus on the target audience

The style of the name determines what product is and to whom you offer it. A modern hype name will appeal to teenagers but will alienate status customers. Before you start naming, carefully analyze the target audience.

2. Keep it simple

The main criterion for high-quality naming is memorability. To do this, the name should be short and clear: this way it is easier to pronounce, type, or find on the Internet.

3. Strive for uniqueness

First, customers need to differentiate you from your competitors. Don’t choose the words that are most commonly used in your niche (like “sports”, “fitness”, or “training equipment” for sports stores). Get away from obvious associations: we will tell you how to do this.

Secondly, make sure that the selected name is not taken. This can usually be done online on government websites. For example, in the United States, this is the website of Trademarks.

4. Check domain availability

This item is relevant for those who are going to create a website. Keep in mind that most of the popular domains are already taken, so it can be a challenge to choose one.

5. Look into the future

Think big and come up with a name for growth. The name should remain relevant even if you scale.

6. Get creative

  • To activate the thought process, draw a mind map: write one word associated with the brand in the center of the sheet, and then several associations around it. After,  come up with a few more associations for each of them – you can continue indefinitely.
  • Take inspiration from mythology or fiction, like Nike (the goddess of victory, Nick) or Starbucks (Starbuck is a character from Moby Dick).
nike goddess of victory,
starbucks art
  • Borrow foreign words, just make sure that they do not cause negative associations in your language.
  • Combine short words: rhymes, puns, or alliteration are great to remember.
  • Come up with neologisms. Opening a clothing store in 1975, Spaniard Amancio Ortega named it Zorba, inspired by the movie Zorba the Greek. But it turned out that there is a bar with that name nearby. The name was changed to avoid plagiarism: this is how the Zara network appeared.

7. Use online services

To facilitate the process of choosing a name, use the ZenBusiness online generator. It is enough to enter a couple of keywords and a business branch to get dozens of name options. Then, based on the name, you can create a company logo in a few clicks.

Create a name for your store in a couple of minutes, it’s easy!

Examples of unusual store names

We picked up examples of the names of real stores in different niches. See what tricks their owners used.

Grocery store


The Bulletproof brand sells healthy food products. The name uses a non-standard association: a healthy body really becomes “bulletproof”.

Slime shop


Slimeberry Queen is not only a creative name but also the name of the brand’s mascot. The Queen tells her story to site visitors and brings the business to life.

Pet Shop

pet store

The name Paws For Thought is based on the brand’s mission to donate a portion of its profits to help shelter dogs find a new home.

Flower shop

Flower shop

The name Petal Pushers of a floral design studio creates a vivid image in the mind and is well remembered.

Kids’ clothing store

no-added-sugar store

The British children’s clothing brand settled on the name No Added Sugar. Ironic naming is not the most common idea for a children’s store, which makes it stand out in the market.

Candle shop


It’s the case when business owners were inspired by literature. The unique handmade candles Voluspa are named after an ancient Norwegian poem about the creation of the world out of chaos.

Vegetable store


FreshDirect is an almost literal USP: the store works with farmers and offers customers direct deliveries of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Handkerchief store 


The name of the TSHU handkerchief store consists of two words: the French atchoum and the English tissue.

Auto accessories store


The Australian chain of stores selling auto accessories was called Autobarn. This name is well understood by car owners, who often store the necessary little things in a barn or garage.

Hardware store


IKEA name was based on an abbreviation of the name of the founder of the company and the area where he was born: Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd farm, Agunnaryd village.

Korean cosmetics store


Moving away from the obvious word “Korea”, the founder named her store Beauty&Seoul. In this city, she got the idea to create her business.

Sweets shop


The name Chocolate Chicken was born at the intersection of two industries when two farmers who loved chocolate decided to open a confectionery to create handmade candies.

Sock shop

Sock Market: this literal naming reflects the value proposition of selling socks for all ages and occasions.

Small things shop

small thing store

A useful idea is to use numerals to make the name unique. In the case of 12 Small Things, this is the number of groups of artisans who create items sold in the store.

How to harmoniously use the name in branding  

The name is appropriate to place at every point of contact with customers: along with the logo, it is the main element of brand recognition. An offline name should be placed on a signboard, outdoor advertising, business cards, flyers, envelopes, postcards, and product packaging. Online usage is almost unlimited: website, social media, blog, media guest posts, banner ads, mobile app, etc.


Now you have a roadmap for finding a store name. Start by analyzing your target audience, check your competitors, brainstorm, get inspired by creative examples – and be sure that you will be able to come up with the perfect brand name.

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