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A logo design basically represents a brand. Never judge a book by its cover? — But if a company were a book, its logo would be its cover. A logo is meant to immediately identify a business, group, label, brand or name to promote loyalty, respect and trust.

A cool logo design will te ll a subtle story about a brand, its approach, its value and the principles it is bounded by. A clever emblem design also has to have a memorable and immersive style to it. The logo should be something the mind can remember, and it should evoke any of two reactions; an association with the brand and a feeling that ignites a connection to the brand. Logos, especially for companies, should be universal. It should be apparent in the packaging of their products, every advertising material, and present in every property the company owns (vehicles, employee uniforms, building etc.).

A logo is fundamental to the progress of a brand’s identity. It should arouse the interest of people so that they can always associate the brand with the logo. Usually, the brand logo is the first thing that most people familiarise themselves with. For instance, if you think of a smartphone: the famous bitten Apple logo comes to mind. The same holds true for fast-food — the McDonald’s golden arches instantly comes to mind. Nike’s swoosh would come to mind immediately you think of a sports brand. This is the real power and potential that lies in a great logo.

How to make a cool logo?

A clever and well-designed logo can be compared to a well sculpted and creative piece of art. The colours should be right, the symbols should tell a slight story of the brand, and the effects should give them a well-blended look. A clever logo needs to be all of these things. Beautiful fonts for your logo you can find here.

This goes without saying that cool and clever logos should take art to another level. You must infuse creativity into the creation of any emblem; the design process should be well thought out. Also, the emblem should be able to evoke a unique feeling — something that “normal” people would struggle to come up with. A cool text logo will have people smiling at its genius and instantly relating the logo to the brand. The emblem is made up of several layers of cleverly embedded meanings that can bring others to life. For a clever logo, some of these symbolisms are very apparent when you gaze at them, while some may be subtly and beautifully “hidden”, it’ll probably take some explaining or a long time to figure out their meanings. Useful logo creation tips can be found here.

To help you create amazing and cool logos that can stand toe to toe with some of the greatest logos out there, here are 30 intriguing and cool logo ideas that will instantly fire up your creativity and help you to make own emblem.

Cool logo designs

Cool logos
Clever logos

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