5 Amazingly Useful Lessons From Infomercial Sales Gurus

Ever Wonder Why Late-Night Infomercials Are So Good at Selling Stuff?

What if I were to tell you that I could give you not one, not two, but THREE GREAT REASONS why?! And what if those lessons could IMMEDIATELY bring you more cash? And what if those infomercial selling secrets WERE SO EASY EVEN YOUR MOTHER COULD MASTER THEM? Would you click away from this column? Of course not!

But wait, there’s more!


The fact is, the folks who make and star in infomercials know a thing or two about selling, and what they can teach us can make a difference to any self-employed business owner, no matter what you sell.

The Secrets of Successful Infomercials

1. Be enthusiastic: Over the past few years, I have gotten to know Tony Little, the pony-tailed infomercial exercise guru. At coffee recently, Tony told me that one of his keys to success is that “enthusiasm sells.” If you have ever seen him demonstrate the Gazelle, or any number of other products, you know he practices what he preaches.

The lesson is applicable to anyone who sells; enthusiasm does work. Enthusiasm is magnetic. It is charismatic. Done right, it can relay excitement, integrity, and power. Of course done wrong, done without authenticity, it relays phoniness and pushiness.

But there is a reason why one of the first things you see on any successful infomercial is an enthusiastic spokesperson. It makes a difference.

2. Demonstrate the need: I saw a commercial recently where the business tagline was something like, “We don’t sell products, we solve problems.” That’s what I’m talking about. One reason great infomercials work is that they are masters at showing you why you need a food chopper or, yes, a ladder.

They create the need and then solve the problem.

You can and should do the same in your business. Whatever you sell, think of ways to show potential customers why what you are offering makes their lives easier, better, richer, healthier, etc.

3. Offer a simple solution: People famously could not program their VCRs, but recording with TiVo or a DVR is easy. That is why they have taken the consumer electronics market by storm. The same is true for any good infomercial you see. These folks offer products that are straightforward and easy to understand.

So, no matter what you sell, even if it is not “easy,” the trick is to make your solution seem logical and simple.

4. Offer actual testimonials: No infomercial would be complete without real people explaining how the product made their lives better.

The same should be true for you in your business. Do not underestimate the power of testimonials. Ask clients for letters and post them online, in the store, etc. It creates legitimacy in the eyes of would-be customers.

5. Add extra value: Why do you think that every infomercial always offers, not just the product, but a bonus gift “If you pick up and dial the number on your screen right now?” There are two reasons.

First, offering extra value makes the deal seem even better, almost too good to be true.

Second, the bonus product creates an incentive for buying now. And that is the last secret. If infomercial experts can teach us anything, it is to ask for the sale and give people a reason to act now. Whether it is a special price, or limited selection, or whatever may be the case, creating immediacy and a call to action helps close the deal.

So don’t delay. Act on these ideas now! Operators are standing by!

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