Orlando Lopez story – Frugal Renovations brand

Frugal Renovations is a family business that guarantees the highest quality of services because we care about our name and reputation! We can decorate or renovate any part of home, making your long-time dreams come true!

Orlando Lopez


Construction, Repair works


What design products did you need?

I started my own business frugalrenovations.com and was in need of a good logo for my company.

What did you like about ZenBusiness?

After careful review I selected ZenBusiness. Their broad selection of Logo designs was impressive and their process to download was easy. I did run into a small glitch as I wanted to upgrade to a different plan and was unable to. Roman Rogoza immediate responded, apologized for their glitch and offered a complimentary upgrade. That’s customer service! As my business grows I will be returning to ZenBusiness for even further upgrades.

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