5 Reasons That SMEs Should Consider For Business Continuity

In a computerized, virtual world that is constantly changing, company data and information become essential assets for survival. Increasingly, businesses need systems that operate in real time and 24 hours a day.Today, there is practically no business, even a small one, that does not need any technology instrument for cash operations, financial control, stock, contact with customers, among others.

In other words, SMEs have to worry about having the technology available in favor of their business, but many today lack any type of protection, backup and recovery tool for data, applications and systems you can ask for the best hard drive recovery services.The awareness of SMEs is necessary to understand that investing in backup and recovery is a latent need in terms of time savings and agility to ensure business continuity.

1) An Organization without Information doesn’t Endure. Debacles can happen with any Organization or Individual

In the data age, information is the main contribution for creating information and upper hand for business. Client names and enrollment information by and large, deals history, credit and stock data, are essential information for the everyday of any association.

Guaranteeing their security and accessibility with computerized and solid applications and frameworks is fundamental, since unexpected occasions can happen to any organization or individual. Human blunders, thefts and attacks, power outages, floods (even those not brought about by the downpours, however by issues noticeable all-around molding) are the most well-known today. On numerous events, an information misfortune can cost the existence of a SME.

2) Homemade Apparatuses can be a Snare

Numerous SMBs back up at home – to CD, outer hard drive or pen drive, and that is just when they make sure to do as such. Now and again they don’t recall where the reinforcement was saved, on the off chance that they need to recuperate any records.

Making a computerized routine is the best method to guarantee information insurance.

3) Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are Increasingly using the Internet to Drive Sales

The Internet has been a great ally for SMEs. Without restriction of space or time, it allows companies to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This expands the winning possibilities infinitely many times over. But not all businesses are prepared to sell online. It is necessary that the data is always available and the systems accessible to sell on the internet. Only with an effective disaster recovery plan, which combines security and contingency, can possible failures be overcome, without compromising the survival of the business.

4) Be Online Anywhere and at any Time

In recent years, the most dynamic conditions in which businesses are inserted, led by mobile platforms, social networks, Big Data, Analytics, and even cloud technologies, have made access to data and applications through different platforms, was a premise for a successful business. For an entrepreneur, it is important to always be available to satisfy your customer, but the combination of adoption of new technologies with new business needs creates an environment conducive to data chaos, regardless of the size of the company.

5) “My Data is in the Cloud

With the expansion of the cloud service offering, many SMEs believe that backup is not necessary. IT is still seen as an expense, but once the data is lost, the need is understood. Cloud systems have expanded the possibilities for companies to increase information sharing and collaboration. However, data loss becomes a greater risk as you also need to tailor your storage usage properly.

Arcserve today focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, who need to start raising awareness of the importance of storing and being able to access their data in the event of failure.

With a unified protection and recovery solution for data, applications and systems – Arcserve UDP – the company meets the needs of physical, virtual and cloud environments, bringing together the backup capabilities D2D2T and D2D2C (disk to disk for tape and disk-to-disk in cloud), replication and also, provides high availability in a single solution, managed from a centralized interface. In addition, UDP offers easy installation without the need for a specialist, making it even more viable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.

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